Thursday night is pool night

June 21, 2007 at 6:27 pm

Cal had KidzArt camp again and Mack and I went to MOMS Club playgroup at my friend Laura Anderson’s house.

We had a great time swimming in their pool. Mack was a daredevil, jumping off the ladder platform halfway across the small pool, then kicking and SWIMMING the rest of the way to me. He wanted me to step “way back!” Also, he was kicking and basically swimming back to the ladder after I launched him towards it. He seems like a natural little fish.

Then nap and karate and home. Laundry, working on the¬†MOMS Club newsletter for July (my first month doing it). So I haven’t been scrapping much the past two days…spending all my spare time working on that newsletter. And I must say it looks great (if I do say so myself). Chad, of course, did most of the MSWord work.

Here’s a layout I did manage to finish yesterday, although I worked on it over several days:

Birthday party day

June 16, 2007 at 11:00 am

Going to two birthday parties today. The first one is for our friend Declan Reynolds at Ultimate Party and Play Zone. The second one is for Jocelyn Stowell at Zack’s Dad’s house at the beach. Fun fun.

Here’s a layout I did at the crop last night:

christmas tree lighting

ETA: Had a great time at both parties. We left Declan’s party early (after the playtime) so the boys could get some rest before going to Jocelyn’s party. Also, of course Chad did not want them to have birthday cake twice in one day. The boys really loved Jocelyn’s party at Zack’s Dad’s house. He has a gorgeous pool right on the water. We were there about 3 1/2 hours, and I think the boys were in the pool about 3 hours of that.

Cal is an amazing swimmer, retrieving objects from the bottom in fairly deep water. Mack was “diving” for items off the bottom also, on the steps. But he was going completely under and down a bit to get them. Also, he loved having Chad “drop” him, or let him go so he would drop under the water about half a foot. I love seeing them enjoying the water and hope they will both be strong swimmers like I am.