Catch-up Monday

December 6, 2010 at 7:52 pm

I took the day off from the gym today. My back has been hurting ever since wearing some painful high-heels to the party Saturday night and doing Bodypump yesterday didn’t help at all. Plus, I feel like I have a million things to do before my Mom arrives on Thursday night and I leave early Friday morning to go to D.C. So I decided to stay home and get some things accomplished, which I did. One thing on the list was to catch up the blog. So much has happened since Friday!

On Saturday, Chad took the boys to the Santa Parade downtown.

It was a really beautiful day and we had some cool weather finally! It was a perfect day for a Santa parade.

The boys were full of anticipation.

Especially for beads and candy flying through the air.

I’m sure they were scrambling for beads and candy, but when they got home we threw all the beads away except for one “special” strand Mack wanted to keep (they boys didn’t even want to keep the beads), and I made them pick out five pieces of candy each to add to their candy boxes (with halloween candy, etc.) and then Chad took the rest to work.

A friend of mine mentioned high school band on Facebook and I commented that I twirled rifle in the band in high school. She said she knew someone who did that with a group as an adult and they would be in the parade. So I told Chad to take a picture of the rifle twirlers. Do I look like I would fit in with this group? I think they look cool. Could I hang? I know I could still twirl a mean rifle.

This was Mack’s favorite group in the parade:

Of course hard-ass Dad made them leave before the parade was over. They didn’t even get to see Santa Clause! He said there was no end in sight and he had a bunch of errands to run. One of which was to pick up our CSA farm share at the Saturday Morning Market. I forgot to take a picture of our veggies this time, but Chad took one at the market:

We got awesome stuff this time, including a pint of beautiful golden cherry tomatoes, mizuna, tatzoi (look those two up), arugula, on and on. My salads are so unbelievably gourmet and delicious these days. I am really loving it.

So Saturday night was the Christmas party for the local office of Chad’s company. Here are a couple of grainy cell-phone photos from the party:

I didn’t get a picture of the shoes that have resulted in my back hurting still two days later. BUT, I did buy new shoes on Sunday, with the help of two girlfriends. We had our annual Girls Shopping Extravaganza, and it was awesome.

We hit up the outlet mall in Bradenton and I definitely marked many things off my shopping list. I must thank Kathy, especially, for being my personal shopper in the shoe store. I love the gray booties! We should have taken pictures in there. After shopping we went to Ruby Tuesdays for dinner.

I only PRETENDED to eat that cheesy garlic biscuit! I swear! But that’s only because I saved my carb calories for several small mountains of those croutons they have on the salad bar there. Man, I love those croutons. We really had a good time. Tanya, I’m so glad you joined us this year!

While I was thoroughly enjoying myself with my friends, Chad was at home helping Mack finish up his gifted project, which was due today. Chad was in charge of the visual aid, and he found a pattern online to build a replica of the Wright brothers’ first airplane. It really turned out great…and Mack truly did most of the work himself. I sort of cheated Chad because he also got stuck practicing the oral presentation part of the project with Mack all day. I forgot about that part!

But according to Mack his presentation went really well. I’m really proud of all the hard work he put into his first gifted project. Cal has to present his on Friday, but all the work is done. SUCH a relief!

So, on my day off from the gym, I sorted all the items I have bought for Christmas gifts so far (there was a mountain of shopping bags blocking my closet), wrapped a few things, did three loads of laundry and a sink full of dishes, ordered photo calendars for the family for this year (annual tradition), made more Chex Mix and Cheerio Wonderfulness, took Chewie for a 2.5 mile walk, went to the storage unit to get the remaining two Christmas decoration boxes, went to the post office to mail a box to my sister with some gifts for my nephew, returned a coat to Bealls that I bought a couple weeks ago (found a better one in Bradenton), returned all the library books that we used for the boys’ projects, took a bag of stuff to Good Will, and went to the bank. A very productive day.

I’m thinking I may skip the gym again tomorrow to let my back feel better, but I am going to run tomorrow…because I’m Still Running. I still have so much to do this week and really only tomorrow and Wednesday to get it done. I’m trying not to be obsessive about the gym. I hate to miss it, but I am still making sure I get exercise in every day. Sticking with The Plan.

Halloween Postmorten, Part I

November 1, 2010 at 2:23 pm

I hope everyone had a Happy Halloween! I totally just wasn’t feeling the blog over the weekend, so I am way behind on my brain-and-photo dumping. I’m going to have to back up and spread it out. It will be hard, because life is so exciting around here that if I get behind in sharing, I may never catch up. But I’ll try!

We had a fun weekend filled with Halloweeny and celebratory types of things. Friday night was soccer and then a Trunk or Treat at the boys’ school. It seems like the T-or-T thing is a popular phenomenon these days, as I saw them happening everywhere. We were very late getting there after soccer, but the boys got some candy, saw some friends, and it really got them in the spirit for the real thing on Sunday. Maybe that wasn’t actually necessary, since they’ve been in the Halloween spirit all month anyway.

Saturday Chad took the boys to a birthday party for awesome Molly at the bowling alley. I took the time to go to a BodyFlow (yoga-ish) class at the gym and take a nice long walk all by myself. I am grateful for my Baby Daddy! Then Sunday we carved pumpkins and hit the neighborhood up for candy. I’ll have to share more from all of that later this week, but for now I’m going to back up a few days.

Whenever a package or a box arrives at our house, the boys immediately think it is something for them. That is because they have been utterly spoiled since birth by their grandparents and their great-aunt (Chad’s Aunt Kathie). They get boxes for birthdays and Christmas, naturally. But they also get boxes for Valentine’s Day, Easter, Halloween and Columbus Day. Well, maybe not that last one. But suffice it to say, they are box-addicts. I have an entire scrapbook that is nothing but pictures of them opening boxes. It’s fascinating. They had already opened Aunt Kathie’s box (awesome) and this one was from Gramma, Paw and Nana:

Chewie is always super-excited about boxes too. And sometimes they actually contain something for him. He’s always hoping 🙂

The boys always open the cards first, because they often contain something that is the perfect size and color! Gramma knows what they like 🙂

She also knows what I like. The things left in the box below, being utterly ignored by the boys, are CLOTHES! Thank you Gramma!

Here’s the aftermath:

Two very happily spoiled boys, one disappointed dog, and one mama with a big mess to clean up. Okay, I’m lying. I just yelled and threatened to take away all their new loot until they reluctantly picked up all the garbage. Such a good mama.

Now Halloween is over and we can get back to real life. For a moment. I have it on good authority that there are still cards from Grandma Viv and Grandaddy Mack in the mail! The spoiling just never stops around here.