Sick Day and Still Sick Day

October 19, 2012 at 2:46 pm

Yesterday I had plans to bike to the gym for yoga, but all my plans went out the window when Cal was too sick to go to school. He had what seemed to be the same sore throat/headache thing that I’ve had. I did walk Mack to school, but then Cal and I just stayed home all day. I didn’t do much so I didn’t blog yesterday, but I did take a few photos.

Breakfast yesterday (bran flakes mixed with peanut butter Cheerios):


This is what a sick boy who also happens to be grounded from the internet does to kill time:


He pretty much had no idea what to do with himself without the internet. I also do not know what to do with myself without the internet, so by the end of the day I had caved in and let him back online. Don’t tell hard-ass. I’m a crappy mother.

My lunch yesterday:


We’ve almost eaten all of our Trader Joe’s stuff now. I have one more frozen entrée in the freezer. Maybe after I eat that I’ll write a review of all of the stuff we bought. Maybe.

I thought the Channa Masala was pretty good. I ate it with one of these pitas from Publix:


Love those pitas. They are nice and soft, unlike other whole grain pitas I’ve found, and only 60 calories for one whole pita! They aren’t tiny either…pretty much regular pita size.

I left Cal at home alone briefly when I went to pick up Mack from school, then we hung out at home until time to take Mack to karate. While Mack was in karate Cal and I went and got Tour de Pizza, then I took Cal and the pizzas home and went to fetch Mack. When we got home the boys opened a Halloween box that came from Grandma Viv and Grandaddy Mack (my parents).


Pumpkin muffins from Grandma!


Wal-Mart gift cards!


Thank you Grandma and Grandaddy!



Last night I pulled one of Mack’s teeth that was very loose and had the adult tooth coming in above it…


but the tooth fairy was too busy watching the Alfred E. Smith dinner on C-Span and forgot to come. Bad tooth fairy. She better come tonight! Chad had pool league last night and somehow the lack of tooth fairy action is his fault, I’m sure.

Today the boys had a day off school for some reason. Cal also had his 11 year old check-up today.



I made Cal sit in the sick area since he’s sick.


My 8 and 11 year olds reverted to toddlerhood pretty quickly while we did the inevitable waiting and waiting and waiting.


It turned out that Cal is perfectly healthy as far as being eleven years old goes, but he tested positive for strep throat so he couldn’t get any of the FOUR vaccinations that he needed (including the flu shot). So after the doctor’s appointment we went to Target to drop off the antibiotics prescription.

Awesome parking karma:


I’m ignoring the likelihood that I also have strep throat. I don’t feel that bad, but I still don’t feel completely well either. Mostly I just have a headache now.

After dropping off the prescription we ran by Walgreens and dropped off the disposable cameras that Cal took to sleep-away camp last summer. What, is three months a long time not to have done that already?

Then we went by Fresh Market to get a few things.


We went home to have lunch, then headed back out to Target to pick up the prescription. On the way we had to stop while a nice person helped a turtle cross the road.


Silly turtles with their tiny brains, always crossing this busy street.

My parking karma was gone by the second trip to Target.


After picking up the antibiotics we went to the Office Depot in the same shopping center to look at desk possibilities for the boys. They want to rearrange their room and have desks in there. We have measured things out, so we wanted to see what options Office Depot might have for desks that would fit. I think we found some that will work, but first the boys have to clean up their room and get rid of a ton of stuff. So in other words, the desks may never actually happen.

After Office Depot we picked up Cal’s camp photos (they kind of suck, but maybe I’ll post some later…maybe not) then stopped by the pumpkin patch on the way home.


This is where Cal went to pre-K and where Mack went to 2’s, 3’s, and pre-K preschool. We loved this school so this is where we always buy our pumpkins.



They also have Decorative Gourds, Mother****ers.



Each boy picked out the pumpkin he wanted. It didn’t feel very fall-like out there in the near 90 degree blaring sun.


We paid “donation to charity” prices for our pumpkins then headed home.


While I have been writing this the boys have been working on cleaning their room. I have had to yell at them to settle down and be quite about eight times in the past half hour. They are not getting very far. They just came out and said that they are done for now and are going to do it “in stages”. Whatever. Like I said, the desks may never happen.

We’re just hanging out and letting Cal’s antibiotics work for the rest of the day. I have big plans for the weekend. Tons of fun stuff, including a planned open water swim and bike ride tomorrow. I better be well enough to do what I plan. I’m worried about not being ready for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation Cycle for Life and for the TriRock Clearwater Triathlon. I’m just going to do what I can do.

Happy weekend everyone. Cya!

Father’s Day 2012

June 19, 2012 at 12:35 pm

I was supposed to meet with Trainer Chris this morning at Peak Fitness Tampa, but he had to reschedule so I suddenly found myself with a free morning. I am spending it doing laundry (of course) and trying to catch up on the blog. So…

Father’s Day happened.

Chad wanted to have a laid-back, lazy day which meant me getting out of the house with the boys as much as possible. We started off by going out to breakfast…I wore my new Harajuku Mini t-shirt from Target. I love that they are carrying the PRIDE Love is Love line.


We went to Tick Tock for breakfast.





I got the spinach and feta eggbeaters omelet with whole wheat toast and sliced tomatoes. The boys got the kids’ French toast (aka the Winnie the Pooh), Cal with bacon and Mack with sausage links.


Delicious as always.

Next we went to the gym. First I did ten minutes on the elliptical then a one mile run on the treadmill.


Then Bodypump.


After the gym the boys and I went by Publix to do the weekend shopping that Chad usually does. Generally he goes to Publix once on the weekend and I go once (or more) during the week. For Father’s Day, I did the weekend shopping.


In addition to the weekly supplies, I got stuff at Publix to make homemade bread pudding. I’ve been on a bread pudding kick lately, and Chad tried a bite of some that he bought for me at Whole Foods on Saturday and decided that it was his new favorite thing also. I used this recipe. It turned out pretty good.


It’s a really easy recipe and Chad and I thought of a ton of variations we would like to try (like using dates instead of raisins, adding nuts, adding some bourbon, etc.).

After lunch and quiet time for the boys (quiet time just means reading and no screens for one hour), Chad opened his gifts.





He got a video game from the boys and a Dremel from me. He decided to put the Dremel to use immediately and finish cutting those ceiling light panels for the kitchen, a project that I started nine months ago.


Mack and Chewie supervised.


Chewie did not like the loud noise the Dremel made, nor the bits of white plastic that were flying everywhere.


It started out as a quick, fun project, but cutting the second panel ended up being a pain because the cuts were too big and they had to be recut twice. But finally, success!


Super Dad doing home improvement on Father’s Day! Yes, the Happy Birthday banner is still up even though nobody has a birthday in June. But the light looks much better right? Remember how it looked only 1/3 complete?


We just hung out at home for most of the afternoon while Chad played his new video game with the boys and watched golf on television. Later in the afternoon the boys and I ran out again to give Chad more “quiet house” time. First we went by Target.

Really I just needed to pick up a prescription, but Chad told us to take our time, so we wandered around Target for quite a while. Lord of the Rings Legos are out!


I’m not sure that telling us to take our time in Target was a good idea, because I ended up buying two pairs of shoes on clearance as well as a few items of clothing. Target clothes are so irresistible. You know that they are going to fall apart after a few washings, but they are so cute and cheap that you just don’t care.

After Target, we went to Panda Express to pick up dinner (Chad’s request).



I love Panda Express because you can go online and figure out what you want to order and it will give you the calorie counts for your creation! You can get a panda bowl with half rice/half veggies, plus an entrée, for less than 400 calories.



The rest of Father’s Day was just spend hanging out at home. I hope Chad enjoyed it!

I have an appointment with the orthopedist this afternoon, but I’m hoping to get caught up on the blog today with yesterday’s happenings and today’s. We’ll see…