MLK Monday and New Year’s aspirations

January 16, 2012 at 4:09 pm

It’s no secret that I’ve been having a hard time getting with the whole “new year” thing this year. I’ve just been coasting along with blinders on for the past two weeks. Today is the day that I change that. Happy Martin Luther King, Jr. Day to you, and Happy New Year to me! Have I already declared that TODAY is really the beginning of the new year for me once or twice before? Whatever. Today really is the day.

The boys and I started our holiday off by going to visit my friend Stacy at Salon Lofts for haircuts for Cal and me.


I got about four or five inches cut off!



Cal got a trim, but not an attitude adjustment.


There was a lot of hair on the floor!


Thanks Stacy!

After we got home the boys and I got to work de-Christmasfying the house. Finally. They took all the boxed ornaments off the tree.


It was really a ton of work.


But I’m happy to say that there is no more Christmas in this house! I think MLK Day is a pretty good deadline for removing the Christmas décor. For a slacker anyway.

One of the things I really want to try to do this year is focus more on the house. I want to get it into shape so that we can sell it and buy a house that better fits our family (we’ve lived in this house for over 16 years). This is not a new idea. We have been saying this for quite a while. But this is the year!

The biggest thing we need to do is remodel both of the bathrooms. We have basically been living with only one bathroom for a few years now, despite the fact that there are actually two bathrooms in this house. One of them is mostly non-functional (sink and tub unusable…only the toilet is functioning). I don’t think prospective buyers would be impressed by a bathroom that is for looks only…and doesn’t look good at that.

I have gone the rounds with multiple contractors over the past couple of years regarding the bathrooms, but now I’m starting from scratch yet again. It’s daunting because it requires so many phone calls and appointments and things that I hate. I have to miss workouts to stay home for a contractor who never shows up. Why do so many contractors suck so much? Having already met with at least 6 or 8 contractors in the past regarding the bathrooms, I know that the entire process of finding a contractor we like and trust and then hammering out the details is going to be painful. Why can’t somebody make this process easier? You’d think in “this economy” that there would plenty of people happy for the work, but that has not been my experience. Mostly it seems like they don’t care one way or another about your business. Anybody have an awesome contractor they can recommend? Does one even really exist?

So the house is one thing I want to move up in the priority list this year. Hopefully I’ll be writing posts about cleaning and organizing. Don’t hold your breath, though, okay? I already cleaned off the mountain of papers that was my desk (didn’t take pics, sorry) and now have the Christmas stuff put away, so I’m feeling like I have a good start.

In order to focus more on all things homey, I think I will need to spend more time actually being at home. I’m going to try not to get caught up in the lure of excessercising again. When I am walking the boys to school, biking to the gym, taking a spin class followed by a Bodypump class, then biking home…my day is pretty much consumed with exercise. My exercise priorities are going to be running, Bodypump and Bodyflow. I may still bike to the gym when I have time, but I’m not going to worry about spinning or ellipticalizing. I’m thinking that one exercise unit per day (like one class, or one run) in addition to walking to school and with the family in the evenings is what I should aim for and be satisfied with. No more piling it on to the detriment of everything else.

That being said, I do plan to head back to the gym for my regular pump and flow classes this week. I was so sore last week after Bodypump that Sunday that I didn’t go back all week. It was all I could do to get some running in, which I HAD to do since I had that 10K race on Saturday. Anyway, it’s back to it this week but I am really going to take it easy on the squats and lunges at first so that my legs are not so sore again. Must keep running!!! The Rock ‘n’ Roll Half is coming up fast. The race Saturday was really fun, though, so it’s gotten me remotivated with regards to running.

Okay, I’m rambling and have no idea what my plan was with this post. Sort of a New Years Resolution post, I guess. New Years aspirations maybe is more like it.

More balance. Focus more on home. Try to refrain from obsessive exercising so that I have more time at home. Keep running. Keep blogging. Blogging really helps keep me focused and accountable, so I need to stick with it.

I still have many other things bouncing around in my brain, but now I’ve gotten a few of them out in writing. Feels good.