New Month Monday

April 4, 2011 at 9:12 pm

I didn’t blog all weekend, fascinating stuff happened, and I got behind. Here are yet a few more things that happened over the weekend…

I went to BodyPump at the gym on Sunday!

And took pictures of myself in the mirror. I’m sure the other people pumping iron loved that.

See that bruise on my leg? Here it is closer:

That happened in Charlotte. Janet’s dog Sursi was walking by me and out of the blue swing her HUMONGOUS head to the side and slammed it into my knee. It was weird and hurt really badly when it happened. Her HUGE head-bone just hit right on a knee bone. There was a big knot. Then the knot pretty much went away and it didn’t hurt so bad anymore, then this huge bruise appeared after the fact. It looks terrible, but doesn’t really hurt anymore. Strange.

The last thing I have from Sunday, is that it was National Sundae Sunday! The boys learned this by getting on the computer Sunday morning and seeing the Google header for the day, which was an ice cream sundae. Darn that Google and their endless search for a random holiday with which to customize their header.

So the boys had ice cream sundaes (and soup) for lunch on Sunday.

boys ice cream sundaes

I guess that brings us up to today. It’s Monday, and although I know that Friday was April 1st, it still feels like the beginning of a new month. The calendar says that April started Friday and my Garmin says that the new week started yesterday (always on Sunday). But I’m deciding that the new month begins today.

After a half week of travel, several days of sickness and a weekend of laziness, I am back on the accountability bandwagon. If I’m not blogging, chances are I’m being LAZY in other areas of my life as well. Like not running over the weekend, even though my last run was last Tuesday. Back to the land of motivation today!

I began the day with the ubiquitous walk to school. Best way to start the day, the week and the month.

Today there was an elf walking to school with us.

Apparently the ears didn’t even make it into the classroom for his teacher to see before some brats kids pulled them off. Oh well.

After I got home from walking I made a yummy, healthy breakfast. Due to weekend laziness, there were almost no clean bowls. Here’s what I had to use for my cereal:

hulk bowl

I ate eggbeaters (with Frank’s hot sauce), bran flakes, strawberries, bananas and blueberries, and skim milk.

bkfst apr 4

Also TWO cups of coffee, each with splenda with fiber and some skim milk. After being sick and not having coffee that I liked, I somehow weaned myself down to two cups instead of three. So I’m going to go with it, reserving the right to go back up to three cups whenever I want to (Jillian says it’s OK…well, in her book she says it’s OK, but maybe not on twitter).

By the way, I’m still sharing my breakfasts on the Kellogg’s site in order to provide free breakfasts for needy children. If you enter my e-mail address in the “view” section, you can see all the breakfasts I have shared so far. I think it’s fun. Share your breakfast!

After breakfast I started tackling these:

full suitcases

I am the worst about unpacking. I will leave suitcases in the hallway or foyer for weeks. We just sort of live out of them until they are almost empty then I will finally empty them and put them away. But I needed to do laundry (no dishes, no clean clothes), so I started on the suitcases anyway.

With the dishwasher and laundry started, I went for a four-mile run. I decided to try out my Irunmommies running uniform that I plan to wear in the Iron Girl 5K on Sunday.


They are BRIGHT! Think we’ll be able to spot each other at the race? I had to be sure it fit and wouldn’t ride up, or fall down or god-forbid CHAFE.

It actually was super comfortable and all was well. I really loved the running skirt. It has little pockets in the shorts underneath to hold your phone or music, and a cool hole in the hip of the skirt to thread your earbud cord through.


Cool, huh? I didn’t have to wear my arm-band or a sports belt (aka fanny-pack). And I think my phone was less sweaty on my outer thigh than on my upper arm.

I stopped at about the 5k mark on my run to take some pictures of this huge tree that had fallen over, presumably in the storms and rain that we had last week.

big tree down fullview

I was amazed by how shallow the root system was for such a huge tree.

big tree down roots closeup

After snapping those photos I ran one more mile back home. I carried my cool hand-strap water bottle filled with half water/ice and half a new flavor of SOBE lifewater.

SOBE asian pear

I liked this flavor about the same as the apple one that tasted like a jolly rancher. These things are refreshing and light when diluted with water. I think they would be too sweet straight up.

After I showered and cooled off and flipped laundry, I made a huge salad for lunch, finally putting a small dent in our CSA veggies that Chad picked up last weekend and had remained untouched for over a week. Thank goodness for those green bags. Everything still seemed nice and fresh.

lunch apr 4

In the salad: CSA fancy lettuce (two kinds), CSA kohlrabi, red bell pepper, cucumber, tuna, fat free cheese, Garlic Gold balsamic vinaigrette.

This afternoon I also hit up the CSA greens with a thrown-together meal for dinner, starring rainbow swiss chard:

Isn’t it gorgeous?

swiss chard

I love how my salad spinner does double duty as a strainer and a bowl.

I cut up the stalks separately, since they take a little longer to soften. I just made a mixture of Italian chicken sausage, onion, swiss chard, black beans, Garlic Gold Italian nuggets and some chicken stock, served over brown rice.

dinner apr 4

I thought it was good and both boys ate it up.

Yay for April!