Randomness and Halloween in the hood

October 23, 2012 at 8:08 pm

Randomness #1:


Fruit In Mouth.

  1. Get fruit
  2. Put it in your mouth
  3. Take photo
  4. End Hate

Join the Fruit In Mouth movement on Facebook or on Tumblr.

Randomness #2:

The Lime has run into some trouble with the name of their awesome restaurant. Apparently another restaurant chain has trademarked that name, so they have to rename their restaurant. They are having a contest to let their fans rename it, and the person who picks the name they decide to go with will get a $1000 gift certificate to the Ciccio Restaurant Group restaurants. I love these restaurants! I think I’m hitting up Ciccio’s tomorrow with my fitness guru friend Christie B.


Check out The Lime’s Facebook page and download the “Rename the Lime” app to enter, or go to www.renamethelime.com to leave your suggestion. The deadline is Monday, November 26th.

Randomness #3:

If you are local, join me for this awesome FREE workout on November 11th:


I’m excited about this website and mobile app. I’m also psyched to work out with Fitz Koehler (of The Morning Mile fame) as well as to try several different workouts and meet some other local trainers and fitness enthusiasts. I met one of the trainers who will be leading a workout when I went to the peerFit Tampa launch party at Seasons 52 and he said he’s going to do “Shabam”, which is a LesMills group fitness class that I’ve never tried.

Here’s how peerFit is described on the peerFit Facebook page:  peerFit lets you search for the hottest fitness classes in your area. peerFit empowers you giving you a single source for finding the best gyms, greatest group fitness classes, and delivers the inside scoop on the most effective workouts. Accessible online and as an app, peerFit bridges the gap between personal fitness software and social networking. Users can subscribe and give feedback on group fitness classes at local gyms and recreational facilities. peerFit lets you follow athlete’s and team’s workouts. Create groups of fitness friends to share your own routines and invite friends to workout with them. Fitness instructors and trainers are able to upload, easily modify, and save their workouts. Visit www.peerfit.com and login with Facebook.

Randomness #4:

Several sweet bloggy friends have given me blogger awards recently.

Liz from Liz’s Fantabulous Day and Beka from Rebecca Roams both bestowed upon me the “Very Inspiring Blogger Award”.

Nicole from A Scrapper Mom’s World gave me the “Liebster Award” which is supposed to go to your favorite bloggers with less than 200 followers!

Both of these awards come with things you are supposed to do, like thank the blogger who gave it to you (thank you all!), answer questions or give some information about yourself, and pay it forward. I am really honored that you guys thought of me and I LOVE YOU ALL (and everybody should read these ladies’ blogs!), but I am terrible at following through with these things. I always broke chain letters as a kid. I can’t follow the rules, but I want you to know that I really appreciate it!

And now, with less randomness, yesterday and today happened.


Walked Mack to school.


Wrote two blog posts:

Chevy Fit4Life Tour – Moms2Be Edition
Tampa Bay Lady Bloggers October Meet-up at PDQ St. Petersburg

Got fingerprinted at Northeast High School. This is a new requirement for our school district for school volunteers if you are ever going to be at a school sanctioned event with students unsupervised, like if you are driving a vehicle on a field trip.




Delivered a wedding gift to a friend whose wedding I attended in June. Better late than never, right?


p.s. I got them a Yonanas machine.

I went on the family evening walk (so total exercise yesterday was walking around 4 miles).


Chad walked Chewie so I could take photos of all of our neighbor’s Halloween decorations.












Once the boys got to bed we watched the debate. It was entertaining. Two weeks to go!


Walked Mack to school.


Went for a ten mile bike ride.











Planned meals for the rest of the week.


Volunteered at school.


Fun event that Christie B. (fitness guru of Karna Fitness and Baby Boot Camp and Health and Wellness Chairperson for our PTA) has organized:


Mack had lunch in his classroom today.



Outfit of the Volunteering Day (OOTVD):

20121023-DSC02287(I made that t-shirt in college when I worked at a screen printing shop…like 1989?)

My spooky Halloween jewelry:

20121023-DSC02292(okay, this is actually a Hannah Montana necklace)

20121023-DSC02293(cute bracelet made by my friend Cindy who moved away to Wisconsin…always think of her when I pull this out of the Halloween box each year)

20121023-DSC02294($1.99 spider ring that is now gone. I’ve had it a couple of years, but at some point today the spider disappeared and I realized I was only wearing a tin band. Also, a pentagram ring that I bought at a thrift shop. It’s actually some sort of Masonic symbol, but I liked it.)


Lunch #1:


I thought this was going to be a granola bar, but it was actually more like a brownie. Win.


Went by the Trek Store of St. Petersburg to try on cycling jerseys. NONE of them fit me. Not even the men’s. Too fat. Must start tracking my food again. Bleh. However, I did see this sign and I think I’m going to take the boys to this:


Went by Publix.


Bought this for lunch #2:


So, so good. May just stay fat because food is good.


Bought this to make with dinner:


Other groceries from my haul:


After I came home and ate that sandwich I picked Mack up from school. We came home for a little while and then I took him to the dentist. I left him there and went to pick Cal up from school.


Then I took Cal to the dentist. I meant to take a picture at the dentist’s office, but apparently I forgot. No cavities, but both boys need to go see the orthodontist. Joy.

Okay, that’s all I got.

I am probably going to take a little blog break for a few days. Maybe. I’m moving my blog from WordPress.com to WordPress.org with the help of my blog crush friend Sarah Kimmel of Technology for Mommies. I’m not sure if and when it will be offline. I’m enlisting her expertise so that I don’t screw everything up. This blog is sort of my baby and is definitely my new age scrapbook. I don’t want to lose anything.


Fitbloggin’ 2012 Day 4 – Sunday, the last day

September 25, 2012 at 4:55 pm

It came to my attention during Fitbloggin’ that the intent was to provide a variety of workout opportunities so that attendees could pick and choose what they wanted to participate in. For some reason I never even considered not doing all of the workouts (well, beforehand I never considered it…at 5:30 a.m. Friday morning I was definitely considering it). I saw the conference as an opportunity to try a bunch of new things, as well as to get some quality excessercising in while on vacation. Luckily, Maggie totally agreed with me on this and she wouldn’t even let me whine much when we had to get up early to head to a work out. I think that those of us that did all six workouts and the 5K should have gotten some sort of medal. Maggie backs me up on this, although Fitbloggin’ didn’t respond to her tweet.


In any event we did get up on Sunday morning for the 5K. The pre-dawn view from our hotel room:


And here it is using the fancy panorama creator on my camera:

20120923-DSC00900(click here to see it much larger)

Maggie looks thrilled and I look demented:



All the die-hard 1 mile/5K’rs:


We walked en masse across Light Street to the harbor walk…


and took off after a count down.



I walked the 5K route and used it as a sight-seeing opportunity. I took tons of photos.



I’m not going to lie. My hip was pretty unhappy with all of the weekend’s back to back workouts and lots of walking already. But I felt okay to walk a 5K.





The cool Baltimore morning felt wonderful. In my hoody, I got warm in the sunny spots, but was perfectly comfortable whenever in the shade. Walking at any hour day or night in Florida would definitely not require a jacket at this point. We had fabulous weather for Fitbloggin’.






Soon we turned away from the waterfront and made a u-turn near the half-way point.


We walked past this diner that was cooking bacon and I really wanted to stop and get some bacon to take back to the Hyatt.


I was pretty sure we weren’t going to be having bacon at the Fitbloggin’ final breakfast.

As we turned onto Charles Street to head back towards the hotel I felt like I had stepped into an episode of The Wire.



Or possibly The Corner, which was also a David Simon creation based on his time in Baltimore. Chad and I both read his book Homicide: A Year on the Killing Streets while in law school. We were assured that the route was safe, but dang, this looked just like The Corner.


The Reebok representative who was leading the 5K looped back past me, checking on all of us walking stragglers to make sure no one was left behind. He ended up coming back to me and we walked the last half mile or so together, talking about our children, of course. It was a beautiful morning walk and I was so glad to get to see some more of Baltimore.

Post 5K breakfast (as predicted, no bacon):


After breakfast I sadly lounged around sighing loudly while Maggie packed. Her flight home was earlier than mine. I didn’t torture her with more pictures, but there was sadness. It was hard to say goodbye to her and let her fly off to the other side of the country.


After Maggie left I got all showered and packed up myself. I left my luggage with the concierge and set off on my own to explore just a little more in search of lunch.


Just as I was walking away from the hotel I ran into Cynthia (It All Changes) again and had to get one last photo with her.


Then I walked all over the Federal Hill neighborhood, starting with the harbor walk again. There was some sort of charity walk/run going on.


Lots of dogs.


I used Yelp’s “monacle” feature on the mobile app while walking around and looking at restaurants.


I passed a comics store that made me miss the boys.


About that time my friend Christie O. texted and said she and a couple of ladies were heading to lunch if I wanted to join them, so I hurried back to the hotel and the four of us walked to Pizzeria Uno on the harbor.

20120923-DSC00941(Jessica of Sweat is my Sanity and Thea of It’s Me vs. Me)


20120923-DSC00945(Christie of Average Moms Wear Capes and me)

I ordered the eggplant, spinach, and feta half pizza.


It was delicious.


Thanks to Jessica for this awesome picture of Christie, me, and Thea:

at unos

Well that’s it. That’s all the photos I took at Fitbloggin’ 2012. After lunch I returned to the hotel, soon boarded my super shuttle to the airport, and was shortly on my flight back to St. Pete. It was a jam-packed, exhausting, fun weekend.Thanks to the organizers, all the awesome people I met, and my room soul mate Maggie for making it so wonderful. Fitbloggin’ 2013 will be in Portland next June. It’s on the radar.


I’ve pretty much taken Monday and Tuesday off of life, other than the necessities like feeding, clothing, and carting my children. Now it’s back to reality.


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