What’s a little blood between friends?

July 3, 2011 at 4:06 pm

(written Monday, 6/27/11)

I had so much fun last night getting together with some girlfriends for the season premiere of True Blood.


My friend Barb (Mack’s first grade teacher and total photo hog) invited me over to hang. She only lives about a mile from me, so I decide to bike over.


What is that in Star’s bottle rack?


That would be a very special “sports” drink, specifically formulated for watching vampire shows with girlfriends.

The bike ride at sunset was lovely.



I think the rains of the last couple of days really helped the heat and humidity…at least for last night.


I was at my friend’s neighborhood in about three minutes.



When I got to Barb’s I was greeted by this sweetie, Jasmine:


And I got to reconnect with Joey the hamster.


This was a hen party, but somebody dragged along an eleven year old boy.


Or maybe that is Mrs. Doubtfire sporting gang signs? I don’t know WHAT is going on there.

We had a bunch of snacks, but for some reason I keep forgetting to take pictures of food at parties. I brought pita chips, hummus and olive tapenade. There was also popcorn and brownies. I think that was it? I don’t know.

We were getting so excited during the countdown…




I’m excited for the other HBO series to return as well (like Entourage and Boardwalk Empire).


We love us some HBO and Showtime original programming (Weeds and The C Word premieres tonight!).


All my pictures were taken in a very dark room with no flash. Thus they appear weirdly lit and out of focus. But at least our complexions look flawless.



This was only a one-hour show, but it took us about an hour and a half to watch it due to all the bathrooms breaks. Beer drinkers drool.


We had such a great time. Every time a beloved character appeared onscreen we would spontaneously shout out their name. Sookie! Bill! Sam! Jason! Tara! Lafayette! Eric! Jessica! Seriously, it was a little ridiculous.


Everybody had different favorite characters. I love Tara. Love the new direction her character has taken this season. I hated the black-eyed zombie season.


I have to say that although I love watching TV with Chad, it was super fun watching this premiere with girlfriends.


Oh, and I made it safely home on my bike at 10:30 last night, despite forgetting to take any LED lights (oops) and spying lightning off in the distance as I biked. At least it wasn’t raining! I only passed one car on the way home and it only took five minutes anyway.

Thanks for inviting me Barb!

Pool Party

July 1, 2011 at 4:23 pm

(written Sunday, 6/26/11)

Yesterday afternoon and evening were so much fun. Our friends, Carolyn & Joe T., invited us to their house for a pool party! Their daughter Meg and Mack were in the same class for kindergarten and first grade. And they are our neighbors…so we walked to their house for the party.



The weather forecast was pretty much for scattered thunderstorms all day, so we were a little worried about having to walk home in the rain (and I’m sure the T’s were a little nervous about the weather for their party), but it actually made the walk nice because it was overcast and not blisteringly hot. Also, that’s just the way things are in Florida in the summer and you just have to roll with it. If you cancel plans because of possible rain, then you know it won’t actually rain. We have lots of spotty thunderstorms so usually even if it does rain it will pass quickly. I figured if it was raining when it was time for us to leave I would send Chad home in the rain to fetch the car and come get us. That would fall under the “keep Mommy happy” clause of our contract.

It took approximately seven seconds after our arrival for the boys to get in the pool.


Hey Barb! You should actually like this post, since you are in like half of the photos that I took. My friend Barb, formerly known as Mrs. P, only reads my blog to look for pictures of herself. Since she is no longer Mack’s teacher, I will now refer to her as Barb. Or possibly as photo hog.


At least she shared the spotlight with my friend Chris in this one.

Hands off, Chad Barb!

He will love her forever (me too).

Okay, enough of Barb. Let’s get back to ME being the primary exhibitionist on this blog. Here’s a close-up of my thighs.

bruise on thigh

Can you see the ginormous bruise that has surfaced after my little bike incident the other day? I don’t even really know what caused that. Maybe my handlebars hit my thigh when I went down? Something hit my thigh very hard. It’s starting to become really purple and cool looking now.


That may look like a picture of Chad, but really I’m only posting it because it’s actually a picture of ME.


20110625-IMG_0760Kaci (Chris’ adorable daughter) and Mack

Carolyn had an amazing array of food, but somehow I didn’t take a picture of it. Bad, bad blogger. That’s not to say that I didn’t eat any of it. I ate marinated mushrooms, Asian cole slaw, bean salad that had olives in it (yum) and a warm potato salad. My first round was all side-dishes and they were awesome. Later someone put a big bowl of grilled chicken wings on our table and I had a few of those. Everything was beautiful and delicious.

She also had a very nice selection of beverages.

Barb! There you go hogging the photos again.


This was Pimm’s Cup! It was like veggie sangria or something. You could really taste the cucumber and mint. It was super delicious. Carolyn, I need this recipe.



Ah, romance.

Ah, bromance. (That’s Mr. Barb)

There were kids swimming in the canal AND in the pool. I’m thinking we were pushing the maximum bathing load here…


That’s Barb Jr. in front (aka Jenna).

Although I didn’t manage to take photos of all the awesome savory dishes, I did manage take photos of DESSERT.

There were homemade sno-balls, made into a caterpillar shape for the kids…


with licorice antennae and legs, of course. Now that is some seriously awesome hostessing, right?

There were also three different kinds of cake for the adults. I just couldn’t decide. So I didn’t.


Clockwise from left is a pineapple cake, an oreo cake and a strawberry cake. They weren’t really that good, but I had to eat every crumb just to be sure. Hey, that was a small plate, I promise. Shut up.

Carolyn, you are definitely the hostess with the mostest.


Thanks so much to you and Joe and your Mom for having us over for such a fun party. XOXOXO

Although there were some dark clouds and some thunder in the distance a few times, the party was not interrupted by weather at all. In fact, not having the glaring sun beating on us made the party even better. We even managed to walk home without a drop, although there were drips coming from the boys who scootered home in wet bathing suits.

After the boys were in bed, Chad and I watched Cyrus on a Netflix DVD. It was pretty good. I don’t care what anyone says (I’m talking to you, Chad)…Marisa Tomei is a great actress and she deserved that Oscar in 1993! And man, she looks amazing. I can’t believe she is five years older than me.

‘Twas a very nice evening.