Gramma’s last day

July 22, 2007 at 11:46 pm

This morning the boys and I went to the aquarium. They pretty much zoomed through the whole aquarium, considering they’ve been there 100 times and have it memorized. I hope Karen actually got to see a fish. I know she touched a stingray. After racing through all the animal areas, we let the boys play on the playground for a few minutes, then hit the gift shop. The boys always beg me to buy them stuff there, and usually I say, “No,” but today they had Gramma’s purse! She bought them each several things, so they were thrilled. Then we purchased the “tourist” photo they take when you first walk in the door (just Gramma and the boys). I forgot the camera, so at least we have this one photo to commemorate the event.

We came home for lunch, then I went to Andrea’s for a Creative Memories crop. I worked on my neice’s album (Grace) and got eight pages done (little 7X7 pages). Katie was there and we had a good time as usual.

Chad made crock pot chicken noodle soup for dinner, which was yummy, and the boys enjoyed Gramma’s last evening here. She had sent them a HUGE box full of Chad’s Star Wars toys from his childhood. They opened it today and were beyond thrilled with all the stuff. Serious vintage stuff. At bed time Cal was already getting sad about Gramma’s leaving. I know he is going to be crushed tomorrow. At least he will be consoled by the fact that he gets to spend all next week in Hilton Head with his other Grandma (and Grandaddy and later Aunt Janet and Uncle Bob).

I didn’t scan all the little pages of Grace, but I did actually come home and scrap two more pages! I haven’t scanned the second one, but here’s the first:

Danny & Drew

Home Alone

July 21, 2007 at 9:50 am

Chad, Karen and the boys all went to the zoo this morning. So I got to sleep in and now I’m just being lazy. This afternoon we’re going to Tampa to go to a few stores and have dinner at Sweet Tomatoes.

Off to scrap the morning away…

Here’s a LO I finished last night and just scanned this morning:

Free Cone Day

ETA: I spent most of the morning getting ready for a Creative Memories crop I’m going to tomorrow at my friend Andrea’s house. I guess I was inspired to use some Creative Memories product, so when I ran across these old photos, I just decided to scrap them with some CM stuff rather than file them away:

Codding Wedding

ETA: Did one more quicky tonight with some more old photos:

Scenes from Aug 2002