Third grade homework, 1000 easy yards, PUPPIES!

October 26, 2012 at 5:28 pm

Last night I pretty much just hung out on my computer all evening after the boys went to bed. The usual. Mack was upset at bedtime because he was stumped on a homework problem and neither Cal nor I could figure out the answer. For number 4 below, Mack kept saying he thought that “DEFIABLE” should be the answer, but that didn’t fit.


I texted the problem to Chad and he and his billiard buddies also could not figure it out. I posted it on Facebook and it turned into an hour-long think tank involving friends sharing it on their pages with multiple international discussions among some very smart adults with advanced degrees. Finally, one of my friend’s husbands proposed “OVERCOME”, then that was also independently suggested on some of the other Facebook threads by friends, friends of friends, and friends of friends of friends. Finally it was confirmed by an actual third grade teacher friend who has the teacher’s edition of this book that “OVERCOME” was correct. Apparently it is a benchmark of third grade science to know that gravity is a force that can be overcome. There was still discussion going on in these threads this morning. One friend of a friend of a friend said she had bad dreams about gravity failing last night and that my kid’s teacher sucks. Haha. She doesn’t. But most of us agreed that this was a hard task for a third grader. (p.s. if you want to be privy to fascinating discussions like this on Facebook, friend me)

This morning I drove Mack to school, taking advantage of an extra half hour of sleep because I have to get up at 5 a.m. tomorrow for my 50 mile bike ride for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation.  After I got Cal off to school I headed to North Shore Beach to meet up with my friend Kelly for a swim at North Shore Pool.


20121026-DSC02356(fancy panorama pic…click the image to see it much larger)


As soon as I pulled into the parking lot I knew something was up. It was packed. There was a high school swim meet going on.



Kelly and I decided to check out the situation and see if maybe the small, 25 yard pool was open for public swimming. Success! It was, and there were a couple of open lanes when we first checked. But by the time we hit the locker room and then got back out there all the lanes were filled so we had to hang out and wait for a few minutes until somebody finished.


Finally we got a lane and started our laps.


I wanted to take it easy because my legs have been super sore ever since my Karna Bar workout on Wednesday with Christie, and my shoulders have also been a little sore because of my ocean swim and 25 mile bike ride on Saturday followed by another ocean swim on Wednesday. I’m mostly worried about my shoulders, back, and hands on my bike tomorrow, so I wanted today to be mostly a rest day. I just did 1000 easy yards, alternating 100s of breast stroke and freestyle.


Thanks for motivating me to get in a workout today Kelly!

When I got home I paraded around the neighborhood in my swimsuit.


What, doesn’t everybody bring in their trash can in their bathing suit at the end of October? I know there are lots of bathing suit photos of me on this blog. I live in Florida. I swim a lot. I spend a lot of time in a bathing suit. Like it or lump it.


After coming home from swimming I took a shower, had lunch, did laundry and dishes, etc. Then I picked up Mack, then soon I picked up Cal and Cameron. Then this happened:


Our car pool buddies got two new puppies!





Is there anything better than kids with puppies?

This is Link:





And this is his brother Vader:





They had just been asleep for a couple of hours and I think we were overwhelming them a bit.



But it was hard to leave them alone.






Finally, 50 puppy pictures later, we had to leave to come home. Chewie had to sniff everything out upon our return.


(See Angelika, Chewie is doing fine.)


Now I’m feeding them hot dogs and we’re headed out to Trunk or Treat at their school. Tomorrow is my big 50 miler! It’s supposed to be in the mid-70’s until noon, which is nice, but it’s also supposed to be WINDY. Wish me luck.

I’m excited about the forecast for next week…highs in the 60’s!!!!


I hope it’s true. Cya.

Watch me take an ice bath

September 25, 2011 at 6:32 pm

Last night was Secret Society time again. Apparently I was the only one who thought the theme was “Swiss Miss”.

The actual theme was “pot luck”, which I don’t think is really a theme at all since we do pot luck at every Secret Society meeting. I was going to bring chips and dip but Chad insisted that wasn’t really “pot luck”, so he made yummy spinach parmesan dip for me to bring. Good husband.

Every Secret Society meeting involves festive head-accessories.

Does this headband look like a flower flipping a bird?

I was so wiped out after getting up at 4:50 a.m. and running 8.75 miles that I really just wanted to stay horizontal.

It was a fun Secret Society meeting, but I went home and crashed around 11:00. (As always, there is more Secret Society fun in the tag cloud link in the sidebar —->>)

Last weekend Chad and the boys went to Subway for breakfast after their sleepover at our friends’ house. They all raved about it, so I was planning to take the boys to Subway for breakfast this morning so I could try it for myself. After driving to three Subways (all within a few minutes of each other, and all closed at 8:30 despite the fact that their website said they were open at 8:00 on Sunday…grrr) we ended up at Einstein Bagels.

It turned out to be great. Mack got a chocolate chip bagel with grape preserves:

I let Cal try a sample of decaf coffee (he begged for it, but then wasn’t a fan):

I had a delicious asparagus, mushroom, Swiss & egg bagel thin. A photo will be on my “I Eat” page later. They have a really great breakfast menu now with lots of healthy options and calories shown on the menu board! I think we will be going there again on Sundays (and screw you Subway…but we’ll probably see you Friday night before Soccer). Don’t you hate it when websites show incorrect information for businesses?

After breakfast we went to the gym.

First I did 45 minutes on the elliptical.

Then Bodypump, which for some reason was particularly awesome today. I love when Damien is the instructor…he always does old school releases.

I experimented with taking delayed shutter release photos. Look ma, no hands!

I felt really good at the gym today, despite my long run yesterday. Maybe it was because of the ice bath I took yesterday? After spending many hours today figuring out how to edit video using Windows Live Movie Maker (and uploading the stupid thing three times to YouTube which takes forever), here it is for your viewing pleasure.

I am a masochist and if you watch this you are a sadist. Just sayin’.


My video camera mysteriously just shut off at eleven minutes, which I mercifully edited down to four minutes for you. I did stay in the ice bath for 20 minutes. I figured out that if I flexed my feet I could keep my knees under water but my toes above water. The feet under water were definitely the most painful part (especially the toes). I did get slightly acclimated to the water, or maybe the water just warmed up the longer I was in there, but by 20 minutes I was grateful to get out. My legs felt pretty numb when I first got out. After 45 minutes out of the tub they were still very cold to the touch. I did feel like I had not run at all, whereas before the ice bath I was hobbling around a bit. After 45 minutes out of the bath I took a nice hot shower and finally felt warm again. My legs felt really good for the rest of the day, so I’d say the ice bath was a success. As painful as it was, I do think I’ll be doing it again.

So, other than video editing and uploading, I have spent the afternoon doing laundry and watching Top Chef Just Desserts with Chewie.



Weekend’s over.