No school Friday

September 23, 2011 at 5:00 pm

I finally have pictures from the boys night out last weekend! Remember my friends’ beautiful house where they went for a sleepover? This was the view from their rooftop terrace:

I’m pretty sure they had a great time. They went swimming at the beach across the street:

The dads (no moms in sight):

Watching the sun go down over the gulf:


Playing video games in their game room of a garage:

And playing with a baby hamster!
kids with hamster reduced-1

They don’t look miserable, huh? Thank you Jon (& Jen in absentia) for hosting all my boys! I enjoyed myself in their absence. Maybe too much, but that’s ancient history now.

So, yesterday I posted that I was going to try to run while the boys were in karate. On the way there it was thundering and lightening and torrentially raining. It wasn’t looking good. But after I dropped the boys off I sat in the car for a few minutes and the rain slacked off a bit. The thunder seemed to be fading so I decided to just go and hope for the best. I did a crazy circular route through the nearby neighborhood:
garmin map run sept 22

Hey CC…I ran right by your house! I ended up getting in three miles with five minutes to cool down in the A/C of my car before their karate class was over. I only got sprinkled on a little and am very proud of myself for squeezing in a run on a day that I felt like I basically had no time for it. Goofy post-run cell phone photo:

It was nice to run in a different neighborhood for a change. I also managed to fit it in between downpours, because on our drive back home the skies opened up again.

I need to remember that there is almost always a way to fit in a run (if you don’t mind being a sweaty mess afterwards, which I was when we went to pick up the pizza from Tour de Pizza on the way home).

Today has been crazy. The boys are out of school for a teacher work day and we are doing half a dozen different things. I’ll have to catch up on all that tomorrow. Have a great weekend!

Another day after

September 18, 2011 at 4:28 pm

Everybody had fun last night.

The boys, all three of them, had fun spending the night with our friends the N’s at their awesome house at the beach. I may have more photos of their night later, but here is the view from the roof terrace of their house:

Beautiful, right?


I had fun last night with my friends Val, Kathy and Bobbi-Jo.

We intended to watch stupid movies but just ended up talking all night.




Barb stopped by too:


You can see the video that accompanies the photo above on the My Fascinating Life – Caroline Calcote Facebook page. Please like me…that Facebook widget in my sidebar is kind of sad.

Mr. Barb got dragged to the hen party…

and that photo segues into who had the most fun of all last night…Chewie.

Cocoa came to play!


They played non-stop for hours.




And today I am good for nothing. Except television. So far I have watched the end of Project Runway; America’s Next Top Model (best.season.ever!!!); The Rachel Zoe Project; Top Chef: Just Desserts (with Mack who was dying over the Willie Wonka room); Home By Novogratz; and now I’m watching Parenthood. See, I had a lot of television that needed watching. And a lot of hangover that needed nursing. I never learn.

But I have fun. Back to real life tomorrow.