I’m no Martha Stewart

September 12, 2010 at 1:56 pm

This morning started early with Chewie barking his head off at some phantom he spied out of the boys’ bedroom window, soon followed up with cleaning yet another spot of dog puke, this time on the carpet also in the boys’ room. What’s up with this dog?

The boys and I usually go out to breakfast on Sundays, alternating McDonald’s (if they have a good toy out at the moment) or Tick Tock restaurant, a diner on 4th Street. But Chad took the boys to El Cap for dinner yesterday, so I decided to make breakfast at home instead of going out. Surely my “homemade” chocolate chip pancakes are healthier than what they would choose at a restaurant, right? “Homemade” being Heart Healthy Bisquick pancakes. I have aspirations of cooking more real homemade meals, but those aspirations tend to get filed away with my dreams of keeping a fly lady perfect house and not letting my weight fluctuate more than 5 pounds from ideal. Just doesn’t happen. At least I made it to the gym for some elliptical torture and bodypump.

I think the lovely sight that you are presented with as soon as you step into our house is indicative of my housekeeping:

These are the boys' and Chad's shoes.

These are my shoes.

Yes, I have a basket full of flip-flops and four pairs of tennis shoes. This shoe situation is out of control. I have lobbied to keep the shoes in the bedrooms, in the closets, like NORMAL people. But Chad insists that they should be right by the entrance. I have about 40 more pairs of flip flops that I keep in my closet and all my heels are under the bed, and Chad’s dress/work shoes are in his closet, but…this foyer situation is ridiculous! I have looked at closed shoe storage, but Chad thinks it would be too much trouble to actually have to open a cabinet door of some sort before putting on shoes. Um, ok. What we really need is a new house with a mud room or something.

What is funny is that I am obsessed with blogs and magazines about cooking and home organization, but I am such a slob and my “cooking” consists of mostly chicken nuggets and Ragu. One day I’ll get it all together, right?

Parkour and Puke Saturday

September 11, 2010 at 11:46 am

Ewww, I even stink to myself!

Obviously, Chewie did not get a bath yesterday. By mid-afternoon my lower back was screaming at me, so I opted not to wrestle him bent over the bathtub. Just to add to the lovely odor he generates, he decided to throw up this morning on the bed he is laying on above. Luckily, I was still asleep so Chad had to deal with it, which he did by putting towels under and on top of the sheet on the spot where Chewie puked. Nice fix, honey. So I’ll be washing sheets and mattress pads today.

Good thing we love him.

Saturday is my day to sleep in. Yes, I am spoiled. Chad gets to sleep in on Sunday while I usually take the boys out to breakfast and they go with me to the gym. Saturday is usually “Daddy Day”. He gets up and makes breakfast then they go for a walk, while I am blissfully snoring while sporting earplugs and a sleeping mask. This afternoon he is taking them to a parkour competition in Tampa. I’m sure they boys will be bouncing off the furniture and walls when they get home from that.

Well, come on Chewie…let’s go wash some sheets.