I Feel So Light

January 17, 2011 at 8:36 pm

What a good day. I got ALL the Christmas decorations put away, and feel like I lost ten pounds with all that crap gone. My house looks normal (messy) again. Whew. Also, I met with the bathroom contractor and got the final changes worked out to the scope of work (I hope), so things are moving on that front again finally. I made a super healthy dinner using up all our collard greens from the CSA share. I made this recipe from Greenlitebites, but subbed the collards for the swiss chard. I have made this recipe three times now and the boys love it. It’s a great way to get lots of super healthy greens into kids without them really noticing.

It definitely wasn’t the most pleasant of days since the boys were out of school and we were basically confined to the house because of rain. I had planned to take the boys downtown for the MLK Day parade, but the rain sort of nixed that. They pseudo-helped me with the Christmas tree ornaments and other than that just drove me crazy all day. Ack – they are off school on Friday this week too. Why? Why? They’ll be going to the gym with me and I guess I’ll be running on the treadmill. Bleh.

Anybody watch Big Love last night? How will Bill pull things out this time? Looks like a good start to the season. I’m so happy it’s back! And Californication too. Yay for good TV.

Well, my productive day feels like a good start to the week. I updated my Still Running page, including a link to My Workout/Training calendar. Maybe if I declare a plan to the world I will stick with it?

Smells Like Christmas

November 27, 2010 at 5:47 pm

I baked my first holiday goody this morning!

Okay, that looks like a big turd, but it’s actually pumpkin-nutella bread and it is so yummy. I got the recipe from Krissieb on her food blog called “Growl in My Tummy”. You can check out the recipe (and her better photos) here.

Last night we went to the annual Christmas tree lighting in downtown St. Petersburg. I remember going to the tree lighting with babies wrapped in fuzzy footed onesies. Some years it is freezing, but this year it was balmy. We met up with my neighbor and BFF Valarie and her son Joey. First stop, as has been the tradition the last few years, was the Radio Disney kiosk where they play Disney hits and do little contests. The first thing they heard was the Taio Cruz song “Dynamite”. Cal has a parody of that song on Flipnotes on his DSi that he sings constantly, so the boys all started dancing and singing the parody.

Then it was the hoola hoop contest. They did two rounds and Mack was in the first round. Both of the older boys were in the second round. Mack was pretty impressive. Apparently he’s been practicing in secret (but we don’t own a hoola hoop).

Nobody won a contest, but they gave it a good try. After the hoola-hooping it was just about time for the tree lighting, so we weaved through the crowd to stand pretty close.

And pretty soon, Voila! It’s Christmastime!

After they lit the tree we wandered around a bit to see the other light installations in North Straub Park.

When we got home it was bedtime for the boys, but after brushing and flossing I yanked out Mack’s first loose baby tooth!

So the tooth fairy has been to our house twice in the last week or so and the boys have money burning a hole in their wallets again. I’m trying to convince them to just save it until after Christmas, but I doubt they’ll be able to stand it. Greedy kids!

Well, it’s definitely Christmastime now. We just put up our tree (artificial) and I am being begged to start decorating it. I am happy to report that I had one tiny sliver of pumpkin-nutella bread with my breakfast this morning and it is definitely fit for gifting (some of you lucky locals are getting one!). Also, this morning I burned 400 calories on the elliptical, took a yoga class and went for a run. Check out my new “Still Running” page 🙂 So I’m still being Healthy for the Holidays.