Mom’s In Trouble Thursday

September 16, 2010 at 7:46 pm

So I’m in trouble for telling the world about Cal’s misbehavior the other day and his restriction from his DSi. Apparently his teacher reads this blog (Hi Lisa!). He was embarrassed. This, from a kid who daily says, “Mom, take my picture doing this <insert ridiculousness> and put it on Facebook!” But I can see that he is not a little kid anymore and that it is not fair of me to air his dirty laundry. So I have agreed not to post anything remotely potentially embarrassing about him without letting him read and approve it first. He said he would get over it if I posted this picture of him on my blog:

Wizard + Bazooka = Mayhem

So there you go.

Today was my volunteer at school day again. I helped Mack’s teacher put together homework packets for next week and ripped and sorted five million workbook pages. Awesome. I love Mack’s teacher (Hi Barb!). I feel like she and I could hang. I did get in trouble for texting at school, though. But really, I wasn’t texting, I was updating my status on Facebook, blabbing about some insanity in the carline as we were walking in. If you’re not my “friend” already, friend me and you can read all about it over there.

Thursday is pool league night for Chad, but they just ended a session and don’t play tonight. But since he’s usually out on Thursday nights, we don’t go for our usual evening walk and it’s pizza night! The boys think it’s a special treat for them each week, but really it’s a special treat for me, saving me from slaving over chicken nuggets and hot dogs. Pretty much every Thursday I get pizza from the wonderful Tour de Pizza in the Northeast Publix shopping center. If you are local, you really should try them.

This is Matt the pizza guy, owner of Tour de Pizza. He is super nice, and his great personality makes up for his unfortunate appearance. Last year he went on this 30-Day Pizza Diet which was chronicled here by the St. Petersburg Times. Matt works out at the same gym as I do, and I remember him seeing me at the gym and saying, “Hi Caroline! Today is day 1 (10, 20) of the pizza diet!” I’ve been a regular customer since they opened, so he’s great about remembering my name and always asking about the boys. He and his sweet wife are always in the restaurant working their butts off. Their pizza is so much better than all those national chains. Support locally owned family businesses, and tell Matt that Caroline sent you!

Go Bucs

September 10, 2010 at 11:38 am

Tampa Bay All The Way

Man, it was a hot and sweaty walk to school this morning. I love living in Florida, but fall is so slow to come here. If we’re lucky it will be here by Thanksgiving.

Today was “wear Bucs gear to school day.” The PTA is trying to win $10K from the NFL somehow. Maybe if we win, they can cancel all the other fundraisers this year. Somehow I doubt it.

I dragged my lazy ass to Bodypump, so that’s good. Somehow I have wrenched my lower back. I think I slept in a funny position a few nights ago, because I woke up with it. I’ve been trying to just ignore it. Dead lifts and clean-and-jerks are probably good for lower back pain, right?

I have an exciting afternoon planned involving washing dishes, folding laundry, Project Runway and possibly bathing a very stinky beagle. Bending over a bathtub is another thing that I’m sure will be good for my lower back. Better get to it…