Where was I?

August 30, 2011 at 5:37 pm

Oh yeah, I was in Hilton Head. I still have many more HH adventures and photos that I want to share on the blog, but I am feeling the need to catch up to present day a little bit. Maybe I’ll trot Hilton Head stuff out mixed in with current stuff. I don’t know. It’s a lot of photos to plow through, but so many good ones! This one of my nephew Cody might be my favorite:

cody in the beach shower-1

A few days after we got back from Hilton Head we celebrated Cal’s 10th birthday, which I did manage to at least mention on the blog.

Cal kicked off his birthday by opening presents, including an awesome card from his cousins Hope and Grace:


I asked Cal what he wanted to do for his birthday and he said he wanted to go to Fossil Park pool, so we did.


This would be our last trip to Fossil Park pool for the summer. See you next summer high dive!

For Cal’s birthday dinner he requested Chinese buffet, so we went to Lee Garden.


After dinner it was time for cake. Here’s a video for the grandparents (it’s just a minute and a half):

Blow out the candles and make a wish!

and here’s the photo you see me taking in the video:


Cal’s birthday also included a visit from the tooth fairy for Mack:


Cal’s birthday present from Mom & Dad (and in lieu of a party) was a trip to Universal Orlando’s Islands of Adventure a couple of days later with his best bud Joey Z.…


Of course our main reason for going there was to visit The Wizarding World of Harry Potter. I hope to write a separate blog post about this if I can manage to sift through all of the photos. But here are a couple more…


Butterbeer mustaches:


We had a blast. Many thanks to my friend MomJovi for her awesome blog post about TWWOHP…lots of great tips. Also, thanks to my friend Kathy for her tips too!

The day after we got back from Orlando, we saw a random rainbow that Chad photographed from our back porch:


There was actually a faint double rainbow…it was really beautiful IRL (that’s “in real life”, Mom).


The next day was the first day of school!



Somebody was really excited about going back to school…


and somebody is too cool for school…


New teachers…Mrs. W (5th grade) and Mrs. F (2nd grade):

boys and teachers

Right after the first day of school was over we went to give all our money to Office Depot for school supplies.


On the second day of school we resumed our morning walks…


The sun wasn’t even really up yet. School starts an hour earlier this year…yikes. We are definitely still not used to the new schedule. We have to leave our house at 6:30!

On the third day of school Cal became a safety patrol.

Cal patrol

We survived week one barely. This week there is an Open House (Mack’s is on Wednesday, Cal’s is on Thursday) to meet the teachers and see their classrooms. I walked them to class the first day, but after that I had Chewie with me for the walks, so I haven’t been back on campus. We already know Mrs. F because she was also Cal’s second grade teacher. I will start volunteering in their classrooms soon. Joy.

Saturday I went to a big scrapbooking event in Tampa. This is me and my friend Andrea…


There were over 500 scrapbookers at this event.


Apparently scrapbooking is not completely dead. I got both of the boys’ school albums up to date, then headed home before the event was over because I had a meeting of the Secret Society to attend. (click on the “Secret Society” tag in the “Stuff I Blog About” section in the side bar on the right to read about other meetings of the Secret Society)

The theme for this meeting was “Sexy Cowgirls”.

faceless cowgirls-1


Apparently I was the only person in the society who does not own a cowboy hat and cowboy boots. Luckily, they did not censure me. I borrowed a friend’s hat for a photo, at least.

me and faceless cowgirl-1

I was not allowed to enter the bareback riding contest, however.


Okay, so I think that is pretty much everything fascinating that has happened since Hilton Head.

I am struggling to get out of the summer time/vacation mode and get back in the day to day routine. Just like last summer, all the parties and friends and vacations and amusement parks caught up with me and got the best of me by August. I ran twice while in Hilton Head (3 miles and 4 miles, respectively) and we did a lot of biking there, but since then…nothing. Well, just walking. I haven’t been running since and I haven’t gone to the gym. I’m thinking it’s back to Bodypump tomorrow. It’s daunting, because I know I’ll feel weak and then sore. And I MUST RUN SOON! There is the little matter of a half marathon coming up in November. Help!

I Get Churchy

October 24, 2010 at 1:51 pm

Today was mostly your typical Sunday. This morning I made french toast for the boys at home then we went to the gym (elliptical and bodypump). As soon as we got home I did my Couch to 5K training. After lunch Chad went to Sarasota with a friend for a Vince Flynn book signing. Now the boys and I are just hanging out at home (which as usual means laundry).

But yesterday I went to two churches! That’s more than I’ve been to previously all year, I think (the Incarnation crop, and I can’t think of another). I’m feeling very pious.

The first church was for a fall festival that included a craft fair. Two of my BFFs and I hauled a half-ton of scrapbooking detritus to try to pawn it off on scrapbook hoarders. WE are not scrapbook hoarders, obviously. Thus the unloading. Nevermind the fact that we owned the half-ton of paper and stickers in the first place. Cari and Cami did pretty well. I had a hard time giving my crap treasures away for free, although one 12 year old seemed pretty pleased with her paper-taker full of free stuff. I did end up selling enough stuff to buy a bracelet and earrings off a lady selling some pretty Stella & Dot jewelry.

Of course, what kind of church craft fair would be complete without some DRAMA? See the lady in the brown t-shirt on the far left in this photo:

Notice all the space surrounding her empty chair between her table and mine? Apparently it wasn’t enough. They had taped off areas for the tables (see the masking tape on the floor?). When I was setting out my stuff I was standing behind my table taking stuff out of boxes under the table. She came over to me and told me that I was in her space. I told her I wasn’t sure where I was supposed to stand. She said that she had paid for that space and obviously we had not read the contract. Um, okay. So she offered to help me push my table in a foot or so. Gee, thanks. From then on, whenever I was behind the table (not often, as from then on I tried to keep my distance from that woman), I was very careful to keep my feet INSIDE the tape line.

I hope she was happy sitting by herself in ALL THAT SPACE, not selling any of her crappy overpriced chocolate while my girlfriends and I talked about her and laughed and had a good time for six hours. Seriously, what is wrong with people? Totally reminds me of two little boys I know, saying “Mom, his foot is on MY SIDE of the couch!” Moving on…

The second church I went to yesterday was for another fall fun fest. This one was at a big catholic church in our neighborhood. They had a total carnie company set up on their grounds with killer rides and whatnot. The boys were literally jumping up and down with excitement.

The best part the Fun Fest was the ferris wheel. So cool to have a ferris wheel right in our neighborhood! We could see the downtown St. Pete skyline, across the bay all the way to Tampa, and almost make out our house through the treeline. We timed it perfectly and got to watch the sun set as we went round and round, up and down.

The boys saw lots of friends from school, karate and the neighborhood at the fair. They chattered all the way home (which was about 2 minutes ♥) about what an awesome time they had.

I think I may have to continue my “church” streak and this afternoon take the boys to the church where they both went to preschool. They have a pumpkin patch that we keep driving by and the boys have been begging to go buy some mini-pumpkins (sort of a tradition). Besides, they are also selling decorative gourds, and ever since reading THIS ARTICLE again this year, I have really been wanting to buy some.