When Life Gives You Radishes

October 19, 2010 at 4:10 pm

So, two days no blog post. The past two days have just been so fascinating that I forgot to write about them! Sunday was gym, running, hanging at home doing nothing much (laundry). Monday was walking to school, gym, hanging at home doing nothing much (laundry), Cal’s mid-semester teacher conference. Oh, that was fun.

Cal’s teacher wanted the students to come with the parents. Apparently in fourth grade they are old enough to have input in their review. The conference was fine…no big surprises. Mack was running around in the back of the classroom while the teacher and Cal and I talked. When we were leaving, Cal asked if that was what teacher conferences were always like. I said, “Yes, pretty much, why?” He said that it was not what he was expecting, but couldn’t really tell me what he had expected. I know Cal thinks there is this mysterious grown-up world that he is not privy to, but desperately wants to be a part of. And he’s right.

Today I walked the kids to school, then had the day stretching before me with no plans until the kids came home from school (and not my carpool day!). Usually Tuesdays are my “day off”, my only day with no gym schedule and no volunteering. Since the last two Tuesdays had fieldtrips scheduled, this was the first Tuesday in a while where I could do something fun. So what did I do? Grocery shop and laundry. Oh, and cleaning the bathroom. That was my bonus exercise for the day. If you go as long as I do between deep-cleaning bathrooms, it is definitely a work-out.

My mundane morning activities were actually sort of fun, since I went back to Fresh Market. I was amazed that it was very uncrowded…the parking lot was practically empty. But it was just past 9:00, so they had just opened. By the time I left it had filled up a bit. I hope they do well! It was great this time, meandering around the store and closely inspecting all the produce without two little boys begging for everything they saw. I bought these little gems:

They called them “Easter Egg” radishes, for obvious reasons. I’m going to google “radish greens” to see if I can do something with the greens. Any suggestions? My lunch salads are going to be awesome for the next couple of days, since I also got some more of that yummy smoked salmon. The prices at Fresh Market are definitely a bit above Publix, but I think it is worth it for the amazing selection and pleasant atmosphere.

Now I’m sitting at karate. Forever karate. Luckily they have wi-fi, so I can kill the next hour blog-surfing and tweeting 🙂 Tomorrow is my 20 minute run for C25K. That will be my longest run yet. Stay tuned for my report on how that goes.

Feeling Fresh

October 13, 2010 at 4:33 pm

The excitement never ends around here. Today a new supermarket opened in our neighborhood. Fresh Market on 4th Street! Chad and I used to love this store so much that we would drive all the way up to Clearwater periodically to shop there. It’s more of an upscale, gourmet type of market than an organic, healthy place, but they have fun brands that you don’t see in Publix. Since having kids, we have pretty much left our gourmet aspirations behind in lieu of typical kid-friendly fare most of the time. However, we have still been very excited about the opening of this new store. 4th Street has sort of been undergoing a revitilization the past few years, and this store is a great addition. Now if we could just get a decent bookstore on 4th Street I would be so happy.

Anyway, for our after-school entertainment the boys and I braved opening day of Fresh Market. The parking was beyond crazy and it was packed, but we enjoyed being part of the excitement of the new store.

This is their 100th store, so there has been lots of buzz from Fresh Market on Facebook and by the local media about the opening. The boys were amazed at the giant pumpkins.

Everybody at the grand opening was able to sign up for a chance to win a “Fresh Market” pantry, valued at $1,000. I hope we win! The boys were more excited about the free samples. These are huge grapes, not lollipops. The boys said they were the best grapes they had ever tasted 🙂

I was most excited about all the awesome produce. The variety and quality looks much better than at Publix. I’ll definitely be supplementing our CSA veggies here.

There was so much to see in the store. The variety of baked goods was overwhelming, and the meat counter looks divine.

We didn’t have a big shopping list so we just picked out a few goodies that caught our eye. But you do have to be careful. Many of the items in the store are NOT at all healthy. Many of the things in the bulk bins have trans-fat (my boys know to read the ingredients and look for “hydrogenated oil” even if it says zero grams of trans-fat per serving), so we didn’t get the peanut butter stuffed pretzels or the chocolate/toffee covered pretzels. We did get yogurt-covered pretzels and trail mix 🙂 The green bean chips are just green beans, canola oil and salt. The boys didn’t care for them (“They just taste like green beans!”) but I think they are awesome.

Even the boys agreed that our little shopping foray was fun and I can’t wait to go back after the hoopla dies down and shop for produce. Hooray for new stores on Fourth Street!