Tuesday is Awesome

May 10, 2011 at 5:00 pm

First of all…  Happy Birthday Cody!!!!

Dear Cody, I can’t believe you are already one year old! I’ll never forget the first time I met you.


You were only a few days old and you were the sweetest thing I had seen since my own babies were newborns. Your Mommy, my sister, and I have always been close, being just 23 months apart. But I wasn’t prepared for how I would feel when I met you. It was just the closest thing to holding one of my own babies that I could ever imagine. I love you so much!

The last time I saw you, two months ago, was such a fun time.

Me & Cody in the grocery

You were so happy and precocious and that smile was totally infectious. You thoroughly entertained your two older cousins. You are just a joy to be around!

Now you are ONE YEAR OLD and you just started walking!

Cody can walk!

We can’t wait to see you in Hilton Head in August my darling nephew. Hope you have a fun first birthday! Love, Aunt Caroline

So I was thinking last night about how I often publish a blog entry late afternoon or early evening and the rest of the day goes undocumented. So here are some things that happened last night after I blogged.

I made dinner. It was roasted veggies (spray pans with Pam, line with sliced veggies, sprinkle with Jane’s Krazy Mixed-Up Salt, spray again with Pam, roast at 400° until desired brown-ness), left-over mashed potatoes and sautéed chicken that had been marinated in Montreal steak seasoning, soy sauce and olive oil.

Before roasting:


After roasting:


Dinner is served.


My plate is in the foreground. Chad also ate some of the roasted veggies and made his own entrée. Roasted cherry tomatoes are soooo good. Actually any vegetable roasted is awesome. It’s definitely my favorite way to do veggies.

After dinner we went on our family evening walk (1.6 miles).


Chewie was with us too, but he was behind with me. We often fall behind because of all the pee and poop stops.


Hard-ass doesn’t wait for me unless I yell at him.

Then it was showers and bed for the boys and TV watching for Chad and me. Maybe I don’t blog about our evenings because they are so repetitive and boring?

This morning on the walk to school I had my full entourage.


Then I came home to overnight OIAJ (oats in a jar).


And no, Bobbi-Jo, that is not mold. It’s oatmeal and Chia seeds! It was old fashioned oats, almond milk, chia seeds, coconut, and raisins in the jar overnight.


My favorite quick breakfast. This time I got the ratio just right (two parts liquid to one part oats). This morning I added 1/2 a banana, a handful of fresh blueberries (they’ve been on sale lately) and a handful of toasted pecans.


It was yummy and fast, which was exactly what I needed. I wanted to get out of the house fast and ride my bike to the gym!


Poor Star was totally dorkified with my yoga mats on the back.


And my Garmin rigged to her handlebars.


First time using my Garmin on the bike setting!


I also wore a backpack with my gym towel, water (although I have a water bottle rack on my bike) and a few other essentials.


It’s really hard to take a picture of your own back.

I made it to the gym in 16 minutes! That’s only like 5 minutes slower than if I had driven. Awesome. I even had time to jump on the elliptical for 20 minutes before my Bodyflow class.


I’m so pretty at the gym.


This is why I can’t understand how women can wear make-up to the gym. I guess most of them don’t sweat as much as me. I’ve never met anybody who sweats as easily and as profusely as me.

After ellipticalizing and Bodyflow I went to get Star and head home.


She was very happy in the child bike care with all her friends.

Here are my first Garmin biking stats:

garmin biking may 10

I need to play with the bike mode settings, but I did remember to hit the lap button at the gym. So lap 1 is on the way there and lap 2 is on the way home. It was so fun.

I was pretty much starving when I got home and I made a huge salad starring the last hot brown in the house. It started out very pretty with CSA lettuce, arugula, raw tomato, red bell pepper, mushrooms, and a few leftover roasted tomatoes and onions.


Then I tossed it with ranch and dumped the reheated, cut up hot brown on top, which made it ugly and delicious.


After I refueled I still had the itch to be on my bike, so I decided to go back out on a longer ride. I basically did the same route that I ran yesterday, but continued on past Northshore pool all the way to the end of the pier.



I forgot to hit the lap button at the pier, but here are the total stats for this ride:

garmin bike may 10-2

So it was about 5 1/2 miles to the pier. In total today I biked over 17 miles! I loved it. I must have had bugs in my teeth because I was smiling the whole time.

Oh, and here are a couple pictures of downtown St. Pete that I took from the pier for Caroline in Ohio.



After I got back from my ride I just chilled out (folding laundry of course) until the boys got home via carpool. Then we were off as quickly as possible because we needed to stop by the library on the way to karate to pick up some books that we had requested. The boys begged me NOT to photograph them at the library again. Whatever.

So now I’m sitting at karate, using their wi-fi. I think tonight’s dinner will be tortellini with frozen veggies for the boys and with sautéed collard greens for me. Maybe I’ll photograph it for the blog tomorrow. Maybe not.

Long Run Monday

May 9, 2011 at 4:50 pm

The Derby Party and Mother’s Day have passed. It was an awesome weekend, but now it’s back to our regularly scheduled programming. That means walking the boys to school. This is one of Chewie’s favorite parts of the day.


Neighborhood cats cause lots of excitement.


But cats are smart and soon realize that Chewie is on a leash and pose no threat. Then they just sit and stare at him in a taunting sort of way.


Chewie doesn’t let his guard down for a minute.


He has been known to drag the stroller across a lawn or two, so maybe the cats shouldn’t be so smug. Then again, he hasn’t caught one yet, so I guess they are justified.

In my quest to get my runs in as early in the day as possible, I decided to only drink one cup of coffee before the walk to school. When I got home I had a second cup and half of my breakfast.


It was one slice of whole wheat toast with sunflower seed butter and half of a banana.

Then I set out on my run a little before 9:30. I was planning on doing five miles, my typical distance these days. The first time I stopped to drink some water/SOBE was at the St. Raphael/Snell Isle bridge at about 1.25 miles into my run.


The next time I stopped to drink was at the Coffee Pot Bayou/Snell Isle bridge at about 2.75 miles into my run.


At this point I decided that I felt pretty good so I decided to keep going and shoot for seven miles total. Here I am almost at my turn-around point which was at the little park behind Northshore Pool.


That’s the Pier on the far left behind me in the photo above.

I happened to run into my friend Mila T. who was out walking with another friend. The T’s are our friends who gave us those gorgeous roses (which will now be featured in every food photo on the blog until they die, sorry) at our Derby party on Saturday.


I wish I had thought to suck my stomach in. Oh well. Just running in a tank top is not something I am really comfortable with but it is so dang hot that I have just abandoned all vanity while running. If I ever really had any. Plus, I look like such a dork with all my gear…fanny pack sports belt, multiple bottles of water, humongous Garmin, etc. Whatever gets me through the miles.

On the way back I stopped to take a photo of the Coffee Pot Bayou/Snell Isle bridge from the other direction.


Actually, I stopped much more frequently on the return leg for many drinks of water (I refilled all my bottles at the drinking fountain at Northshore Park). It was starting to get really hot.

By the time I got back to the St. Raphael’s bridge (at about 6 miles) I was totally dying.


But I managed to make it home and get in a total of seven miles running. The stats are on my “Still Running” page.

After I got home and showered I made the second part of my breakfast, which looks quite a bit like a good entire breakfast all on its own now that I really see it. Oh well. I also had coffee #3.


It was another piece of whole wheat toast with Fresh Market pumpkin butter, eggbeaters scrambled with scallions and fruit. This pumpkin butter is so good, and only 25 calories per tablespoon.


I spent the next couple of hours doing things around the house like laundry and watching America’s Next Top Model (is it just me or is Hannah really the only nice girl left?) and Top Chef Masters.

Lunch was the same as yesterday…


CSA lettuces and tomatoes with some lite ranch dressing and a cut up reheated hot brown dumped on top. This may look disgusting but it is so delicious.


There is one more hot brown in my fridge, so expect to see this same salad again tomorrow if I photograph my lunch. So good.

The rest of the afternoon has been carpool, homework/snack, making tomorrow’s boy lunches, etc. Look at this crazy carrot that we got in our farm share on Saturday:


Chewie was lurking there, hoping he’d get it, but Cal requested that it go in his lunch as-is (thoroughly washed) so he can show everyone. Chewie did get the root end tip that I cut off. He always lurks while I’m making the boys’ lunches.

Now Joey Z. is over playing with the boys and I’m making sauteed chicken, roasted CSA squash and zuchini and leftover Derby party mashed potatoes for dinner.

I wanted to go on a bike ride this afternoon with the boys but Mack wasn’t into the idea and we really didn’t have much time anyway. I’m just dying to get back out on my new bike! Tomorrow, definitely. I’m going to try to do a 10-mile ride after lunch before the boys get home from school.

Happy Monday!