Pump, Bike, Yogurt Friday

June 10, 2011 at 7:12 pm

We had a great day today, but for some reason now I’m not feeling so hot. So I’m going to try to run down the day really quickly.

Got up early and took Chewie for a long walk (2.3 miles) before Chad had to leave for work.


Nice to get up with the sun. I will probably do this often this summer because I hate to miss out on the “walk to school” baseline thing that I always have going, plus Chewie needs his walks.


Breakfast starring turkey bacon. Butterball is our favorite brand.


To the gym. Took the Z. kids with us. Jillian gets to work out free this summer because they have some sort of teen deal in the summers.

First up was 20 min. on the elliptical.


Finally at the part of the book “The End of Overeating” where they talk about what you can actually do about the overwhelming forces of genetics and culture that make us fat.

Next up, Bodypump.


Mimi did the new release, which is KILLER. My shoulders are a little sore right now.

Back home for lunch. Huge salad starring turkey bacon and chickpeas.


Whenever I cook bacon I make as much as I can fit in our largest saute pan. Leftover bacon is a good thing.

One hour of “no screen” time for the boys which includes at least a half hour of reading, then a half hour of quiet time.

Then we hooked back up with the Z. kids (their Mom is an amazing nurse and works weekdays, so we get to hang with them a lot in the summer, which we love) and set off on a LONG bike ride.


Bike lanes…




and sidewalks.


They were doing really well.


The Coffee Pot Bayou bridge!


The beautiful Coffee Pot Bayou seawall and bike path.


After four hot and sweaty miles, our destination…




Hurry up and take the picture Mom! (See the little fingers in the lower right corner above?) We stuck with all fruit toppings today, but I had to educate Cal to the fact that maraschino cherries do not actually count as fruit.


Freckles are awesome, right Jillian?


We guzzled a bunch of water and headed back home for a total of 8 miles. The kids all did really great and I was so proud of them! I’m thinking this won’t be the last time we make this trek this summer.

As soon as we got home and I sat down and drank a bunch of water this huge wave of fatigue seemed to wash over me. I had to lay down for about a half an hour which is something I almost never do. I didn’t actually sleep, but just laid perfectly still for a while.

Then I got up and made a simple dinner. I used these:


and leftover ratatouille sloppy joe sauce to make a couple of these:


Pretty good easy homemade pizzas.

Chad is at his pool tournament, the boys are planted in front of screens (Cal multitasks and needs several screens at once, Mack is on his computer), and I am vegging and still not feeling great.

Hope I feel better tomorrow…more fun stuff planned.

Hello Summer Break

June 9, 2011 at 10:17 pm

Ah, sleeping late and hanging out in pajamas for hours.

boys watching TV-1

Summer break has officially begun.

boys watching TV-2

My slow breakfast (oatmeal with tons of stuff mixed in…raspberries on sale!) and eggbeaters with tons of stuff mixed in):


I could already feel the “I’m bored!” phenomenon beginning. I totally bribed the boys and told them we could go to Target and let them spend some of THEIR money if they would promise not to say, “I’m bored” or “I don’t have anything to do” ALL SUMMER. Of course they quickly agreed.

On the way we stopped by the library. Mack found two books (both Bakugan)…

library target-1

but all the ones Cal wanted were unavailable (Dragonball Z series), so we put in a bunch of requests for his books. I love the online library system. I’ll get an e-mail when the books are available and then they will hold them for us for like up to a week or so. I also get e-mail reminders a few days before the books are due to be returned. Awesome.

Then we went to Target.

library target-2

Mack used a gift card he got for his birthday and bought two Green Lantern action figures. Cal used some of his money to buy some more Bay Blades (I don’t know if that’s how it’s spelled, but that’s how it sounds). They are these spinning tops that you launch with a rip cord and they spin in a stadium and battle against each other. All the rage in 4th grade apparently.

I’m betting my bribery is effective for 48 hours max.

After Target we hurried home to eat lunch and change into bathing suits and get our pool gear together. We picked up the Z. kids and headed to Fossil Park pool to meet up with our friends, the C’s.

swimming-3Cal, Jillian Z., Joey Z., & Mack

swimming-12Erin, Caroline, & Kelly C.

There was lots more high-dive action, of course.


high dive collage-1

More cherries eaten by the pool.




Caroline squared.


It was sunny and hot and wet and fun. Two summer pool days down, many more to go.

I remembered right as we were leaving the pool that the boys had to go to karate this afternoon! We had to zoom home and drop off the Z’s, change clothes, and turn right around and head back out to karate. I know we will end up missing some karate classes this summer due to camps and vacations and just having something more fun to do, so I don’t want to miss any that we don’t have to. We do pay for those classes monthly, after all.

While the boys were in karate I went home and showered and got cleaned up because we had plans to go out to dinner with the Z’s. We went to the Taco Bus!

Taco Bus-1

They have lots of outdoor seating, but after a long hot afternoon in the sun we were happy to find some indoor seating as well.

Taco Bus-2

Taco Bus-3

I was going to order a diet coke but then I saw the “Agua Fresca” on the menu.

Taco Bus-5

I couldn’t resist an “Agua de sandia” or watermelon water.

Taco Bus-6

It was very delicious, but super sweet. Mack helped me drink it. When it was about halfway gone I filled the cup back up to the top with water and then I really liked it even more. I want to buy a watermelon and try to make this at home, but with a lot less sugar than what they obviously added.

Taco Bus-7

I was really drawn to the vegetarian menu.

Taco Bus-4

I ended up ordering the tempeh taco (the menu says “Vegan steak strips”).

Taco Bus-8

This was really good.

Val ordered the butternut squash tostado and I had a bite.

Taco Bus-10

Super yum.

The boys both had the carne asada soft tacos…

Taco Bus-11

and the boys and I shared some rice and beans.

Taco Bus-9

We all really enjoyed our meals. The Taco Bus has a really big, interesting menu and I think we’ll definitely be going back there with Chad some time.

Taco Bus-12

Chad thought about telling us to bring him something back for tomorrow (tonight is his pool league night), but the city pool tournament starts tomorrow and he’s not going to be home much the next couple of days if they keep winning and he definitely won’t be home tomorrow night, so we didn’t.

This felt like a long, busy day and it’s only day one of summer break. 73 more days to fill with sun, fun, family and friends. Bring it on!