Hello Summer Sunday

June 5, 2011 at 6:35 pm

This morning Cal requested that we go to Steak ‘n Shake for breakfast. I agreed, but told him that next Sunday would be breakfast at home since this is two weeks in a row that we have gone out.


The boys got pancakes…Mack with chocolate chips, Cal without. I also ordered them without whipped cream or butter. They had fruit at home this morning before we went out. They didn’t want to take this picture (with the goofy hats), but agreed to do so under protest.


After consulting the nutritional info online…

SNS bkfst nutrition facts

I decided to get the kid’s scrambled egg, bacon and toast breakfast. [see my “I Eat” page for all of my food today…not complete until late today or early tomorrow] It was good, but not as filling as my usual huge breakfasts even though I brought my own fruit (mandarin oranges in syrup were not going to cut it).


You do have to be careful, though, when relying on online nutrition facts because sometimes the restaurants do not serve you the dish the way it was intended. For example, the kid’s breakfast was supposed to come with one piece of toast (per the menu) and they served me two. I gave the extra one to the boys. It wasn’t clear whether it was supposed to have one or two pieces of bacon, but I ate them both. Our server told me they were not supposed to serve kid’s menu items to adults, but that he would do it. I left him a nice tip, which was easy since our breakfast was so cheap!


After breakfast the boys and I went to the gym. First, 40 minutes on the elliptical.


I didn’t actually read any of that book today. I feel like I’m never going to finish it. I only read it while ellipticalizing, and since I started biking to the gym most of the time I haven’t been using the elliptical as much because I don’t get there in enough time before my classes start. On Sundays I usually watch the political talk shows instead of reading. I consider politics to be entertainment. My favorite of the Sunday Talkies:


After elliptical torture (and I was dripping sweat from chin and both elbows) came Bodypump, which for some reason was really tough this morning.


I did miss Pump on Friday due to Mack’s 1st grade picnic, but usually I can miss one class and be just fine.


Maybe it was because I have been watching my calories and not pigging out like I did for the entire month of May? I don’t know. I just felt low-energy for the whole class and struggled to make it through every rep of every track using my usual weights. There were more puddles of sweat from dripping chin and elbows. I guess since it was harder I got more out of it, right?

Once we got home I was still feeling very low-energy so I made my huge salad and felt a little better after eating it. I must have been feeling better because I decided that the boys and I should go to the pool for the first time this season.

I wanted to go to North Shore pool and maybe swim a few laps while the boys played (it’s the only city pool with lanes roped off during public swim, plus they actually have two pools there). However, when we got there they were having a swim meet and the splash/play area pool was closed because of some mechanical problem. The guy working there said there was only very limited access to the second pool, so we left. I was pretty ticked off that there was no mention of any of this on the pool’s website (although other “closed for public swim” days were mentioned). What is the stupid website for anyway? Grrr.

The guy also told us Shore Acres pool (which is actually our neighborhood pool) was closed on Sundays, so we decided to try Fossil Park pool. Finally, success! I was surprised that it wasn’t packed considering it was the only Northeast St. Pete pool with public swimming open today! There were lots of people there, but still plenty of parking, so not as crowded as it could have been.


The boys actually really love this pool anyway because it is the only one with a high dive.



high dive collage crop-1

boys closeup-1

I think all the city pools now have these cool slides:



I got to use the awesome new Vera Bradley beach towel that my BFF Val gave me for my birthday.


It was glaringly apparent how tan my knees and calves have become from all the running, walking and biking outside and how pale my thighs and feet are. White doesn’t make body parts look smaller, does it?


Hey, there’s some perspective going on there…my feet are NOT abnormally tiny. No comments about my thighs, OK?

The boys ate cherries while sitting by the pool, making piles of pits and stems to go in the trash.


Since we had wasted a lot of time going to closed swimming pools, it was 4:00 p.m. before we knew it, which is the end of public swim. I really think the public pools in Pinellas County should have more public swimming hours. They all only have public swimming from 1-4 p.m. This is not so bad now, but when my boys were little that was always nap time! I really think some morning hours would be great. All the other hours are used for swimming lessons, St. Pete Masters swimming, St. Pete Aquatics (swim team), etc.

When we got back home I was STILL feeling peckish, so I had a snack hoping that would pep me up. I guess it helped a little, but for some reason this is just a ragged out sort of day for me.

Chad is making a chicken/veggie stir-fry for dinner, which is smelling pretty good. I think I’ll just be relaxing for the rest of the evening, since I don’t feel like I can do anything productive. Well, maybe I can fold laundry.

Just three more days of school!

First Grade Family Picnic

June 3, 2011 at 6:13 pm

Mack didn’t want to walk to school this morning because he knew it was picnic day. He wanted me to drive and just stay there. But I insisted that (for Chewie’s sake) we were going to walk and as soon as I got home I would turn around and drive back to school. So that’s pretty much how it went.

When I got home from walking I very quickly threw together a portable breakfast (burritos…see my “I Eat” page for details), changed clothes and headed back to the school. I just made it by the 9:00 a.m. park departure time.

There were four first grades participating in the picnic, so Crisp Park was CRAZY!


The kids played on the playground for a little while then Mrs. K lined them all up and numbered them off, 1 through 8 (with sharpie numbers written on their hands).


Some of the hardcore moms had gone to the park early and set up eight game stations, such as “marble toes”, “three-legged race”, etc. I was in charge of helping with “PIG basketball” (like HORSE, but less letters).




The kids got 10 minutes at each game. We were all a hot, sweaty mess by the time the games were done. Then it was time for lunch.

They had lots of healthy food for the kids.



It was early for lunch for me (like 11:00), so all I ate was a big hunk of watermelon.


They had a huge half-sheet cake for all the kids with summer birthdays.


No utensils? No problem.


We hung around for another couple of hours and the kids got thoroughly sweaty and dirty and tired.


That kid on the right REALLY wanted in the picture.

Mack and I left a little after 1:00 and he just came home with me. We were both so tired and sweaty that we took turns taking a nice cool shower when we got home.

I made and ate my usual huge salad and before too long it was time to go pick up the other boys from carpool.

This afternoon Joey Z. came over to play and Mack had a birthday party to attend. He got birthday cake twice today! Luckily this friend with the birthday lives in our neighborhood so we all rode our bikes over there. Why didn’t I take a picture of that? Bad blogger.

So now Joey Z. and Cal are hanging out and I’m contemplating dinner. Since Mack is having dinner at his friend’s house, I’m thinking Cal will get the two leftover pieces of pizza from last night and some veggies. I have no idea what I’m going to have. I may have to go freezer-diving.

Chad has a Captain’s meeting for his pool league tonight (the city tournament starts next week) and he won’t be home until the boys’ bedtime. So no family walk tonight. Cal and I will be biking back over to get Mack in a little while.

Tomorrow will be a super early morning since we have to be in Tampa at 7 a.m. for our race. I’m curious to see how the boys do in the 1 mile fun run. Not how they do physically, but how they handle “competition”. We’ve talked about how it doesn’t matter if you are first or last (every finisher gets a ribbon), but I know that Mack can get upset when he “loses”, so we’ll see. Mommy will be happy just to be a finisher!