Housebound by TS Debby

June 25, 2012 at 3:03 pm

We had torrential rains all day yesterday and all last night. Nobody has been able to leave the house today. Chad is working from home.


Our block is just slightly higher than all of the surrounding neighborhood, so we have a visible median running down our street. Most of the neighborhood streets are completely under water.


The water is really gross. It’s full of bacteria (hello dog poop) and critters (snakes don’t like to stay in flooded ground).


Initially Chad would not let the boys step foot in it, but they wanted to go exploring so badly. Finally he relented and said we could go out and walk around, but they had to take showers and scrub down as soon as we came back inside. Lots of other people were out also.


Some people were actually driving through the water, but mostly big trucks and van. Tons of utility vehicles were out.





This guy stopped and talked to us for a few minutes:


He used the term “flesh-eating bacteria” three times in a two minute conversation. We started walking back home at that point.





I don’t know why I had to take a picture of every truck that passed. Our neighborhood is one of the most notorious for flooding in St. Pete, so whenever there are floods all the city trucks flock here.

One of Chewie’s frenemies was out and about.


His owner said he was loving it and refusing to go back inside.


I don’t know what Chewie would have thought, but I didn’t want to give him a bath so we didn’t try to take him out in it.


My Cathy McKyton sign weathered the tropical storm.




Here’s a short video I shot while we were walking around…

Sorry if my voice is too loud!

The boys are watching Cowboys and Aliens right now and we are just planning to hang out. It’s not raining now and the sun has actually been out off and on today, but the storm is still over Florida and the gulf and keeping the water levels high.


It doesn’t seem to be moving very quickly, so I hope that we can get out of the neighborhood tomorrow! The boys are missing karate and I am missing a physical therapy appointment this afternoon. We need to get out of here!

Swim meet, Chili’s, and Tropical Storm Debby

June 24, 2012 at 4:31 pm

Yesterday while I was tromping through the mud and getting shot at by snipers, Chad took the boys to their second swim meet of the season.


This was a “Developmental Meet”, which means that several teams participate and they do all strokes and use starting blocks, etc. It’s supposed to be more like a “real” swim meet, like they would see at the championships or when they get older.


Chad didn’t go to the last swim meet at Lake Vista, so he said he was fine to go to this one without me although I offered to go for at least part of it. When he said I didn’t need to go I was, however, more than happy to hang out in my pajamas for a couple more hours yesterday morning.



Both boys did three events. Cal did 25 freestyle, 50 back stroke, and 25 breast stroke.




Mack did 25 yd. freestyle, 25 yd. breast stroke, and 25 yd. back stroke.





Both boys said they had fun. Mack needs to learn to dive off the blocks. I’m glad they are enjoying swim team.



After the boys’ swim meet and my mud run I spoke with Chad and he said they were planning to go see Brave with our friends, the C’s, and then get dinner at Chili’s afterwards. I decided to meet them at Chili’s. I got there a few minutes before them so that I could get a table. It was very crowded, and people were waiting, but the hostess insisted that I take two booths even though I told her the rest of my party might be a few minutes. She was super nice.


I felt a little guilty holding these booths while others were waiting, but it was only a few minutes. Our server even brought chips to both empty tables. I didn’t wait for our friends and my family before I dug into the chips. #rungry


I did wait for them before ordering a drink, because I knew if I ordered it as soon as I got there it would be gone in two minutes and then I’d need to order more and more.

Finally they arrived (in the rain).


I wasted no time in ordering a “sparkling pomegranate margarita”.


Chili’s has a great margarita menu.


When it arrived it didn’t look exactly like the photos, but it was delicious.


I don’t eat at Chili’s that often, and didn’t realize it was “always happy hour!” Regular margaritas were 2 for 1, but the specialty (Patrón) margaritas were not. Oh well. It was worth it.


Our awesome friends…



For my dinner I decided on the Grilled Shrimp Tacos.



They were awesome. Chad got the salmon, which he said was very good and looked really healthy, but which do you think looks better?



We had a nice dinner and a great time hanging out with our friends. Love you CC and Lee.

Last night after the boys went to bed Chad and I watched “Cowboys and Aliens”. It was better than I thought it was going to be. James Bond, I mean Daniel Craig, was pretty good. I think we are going to let the boys watch it.

This morning brought tropical storm “Debby” to Tampa Bay.


It was a good morning to make waffles.


After breakfast the boys and I faced the possible flooding and headed out to the gym.


At 9 a.m. it actually wasn’t too bad. Since we know the neighborhood very well after living here for 16 years, we know the best possible routes to take.


Luckily high tide was early this morning (around 6:30ish), and we were able to make it to the gym without having to drive through any flood waters by avoiding the worst intersections.

First up at the gym was thirty minutes on the elliptical.


My hip is a little sore today, as is the ankle that I twisted a couple of times during the mud run yesterday. Neither were debilitating, though. I do have to say that I no longer expect the prednisone to be a miracle worker. My hip still is not pain-free. I’ll reserve judgment on the whole orthopedist/meds/physical therapy thing though until I have completed the PT and seen the ortho again in a couple of weeks. Definitely no miracle, though.

Next up was Bodypump.


By this time it was raining torrentially and I tried to get a picture through the big windows in the group fitness room. However, it was so dark outside that all I could get was reflection.


Bodypump was really great. I hadn’t been to Pump in a week or so since I have been trying to do Trainer Chris’ workouts. It turns out that he wants us to start his program “officially” in July and until then we are just supposed to get accustomed to all the exercises. Since I have been doing that, I felt like I was justified in going to Pump today. I have really missed it! Damian teaches on Sundays and he always does old school releases, which I love.

L.A. Fitness just bought out Lifestyles Family Fitness, which makes me sad. Lifestyles is a St. Pete-based company, and it is always sad to see locally owned businesses getting swallowed up by big national chains. I have been a member of Lifestyles for several years now. My biggest fear is that they will drop the Les Mills classes. Please consider signing this petition to get L.A. Fitness to keep Les Mills classes at the old Lifestyles locations… . You don’t have to make any donation or anything! I have no idea if it will actually help, but it can’t hurt.

After the gym we braved the weather again to head home. I was more worried about the roads at this time because it had been raining pretty heavily ever since we left the house.


We came back home via a more southerly route, which usually has less flooding. There were two spots where we actually did have to drive through 6-8 inches of water, though.


That’s always kind of harrowing, but it wasn’t so deep that I was worried about getting through it. Been there, done that at other times. Sometimes here you really have no choice but to drive through water. We try to avoid it if possible, but you can’t always. I was very happy to get home this morning and have nowhere else to go. If you are at home and have nowhere to go tropical storms can actually be kind of cool.


Especially when it’s just rain, rain, rain, and the winds are not too high. High winds, even if they are sub-hurricane level, are scary.


Also, since we have a stilt house and our street does not generally flood, the rising waters don’t scare us as much. In the 16+ years that we have lived in this house our block has only actually had water on the street a couple of times. We’ve only had water half-way up our driveway once that I can remember.

So now it’s a rainy day at home. My one goal for the day (other than writing this blog post) is to get all the laundry put away.


With the filthy camp clothes all week, I was constantly doing laundry but never putting anything away. All of our clothes are now in the kitchen.

Chad made an awesome snack this afternoon. Ever since we started using the Yonanas machine…


Chad has wanted to make soft serve out of frozen cherries. He did it this afternoon.


Topped with a dollop of vanilla ice cream, this was so good.


Chad’s exact comment was, “Everyone should have one of these machines.”

Okay, better go put away the laundry. Weekend’s almost over. Hope everyone at lower levels is safe and that the water doesn’t get into your houses!