Free movie day

July 3, 2007 at 6:46 pm

Tuesday means free movies at Park Place Regal theaters. Today we saw Everyone’s Hero. We have it on DVD but Mack hadn’t seen it. We took Joey and Jillian with us. It was a very cute movie and everyone enjoyed it. Cal was sitting on the far end away from me so I couldn’t hear him, but Jillian said he kept a running commentary throughout the movie, constantly telling Joey and her what was coming up next. I had a little talk with him in the car about how rude and annoying that is. He said he was sorry and wouldn’t do it again. That boy just doesn’t know how to keep quiet! His mind is always moving a mile a minute and he thinks he needs to tell whoever is closest to him exactly what he’s thinking. He definitely can’t keep a secret! Man, I love him.

This afternoon we went to karate. They had an altered schedule for 4th of July week, so it was a bit later than usual. There were really alot of kids there. Cal is doing so well in karate this time. Really paying attention and trying so hard. He says he wants to keep taking lessons until he has learned how to run up walls. Ha!

Here’s a layout I finished today in between things…


Chad worked tonight, so I scrapbooked. Here’s the page I did tonight:

treasured boys