Ouch, I’ve been tagged

November 7, 2010 at 8:29 pm

Oh, I’m in pain today. I want to show you all the wonderful veggies we got in our first CSA share on Saturday. And I could maybe show you a couple of photos from the crazy girly slumber birthday party (but most of them can not be shown on the internet). But I am fairly incapacitated from said party today, so those things will have to wait. I would like to mention that I have the most awesome girlfriends. The kind that will hold your hair back for you when necessary, and clean up after you as well. Love you guys!

Jodi, over at Just a Bit Wicked tagged me to answer a few questions. She has been so super sweet to read my boring blogs and comment, that I will just have to buck up and answer!

1. What is your favorite holiday and why? Any special traditions?
I’d definitely have to say Christmas. Especially with the boys. Their sense of excitement and joy in everything about Christmas is priceless. We have many traditions. We have breakfast with Santa at the Columbia restaurant at the Pier downtown every year with our best friends and neighbors, the Zawacki’s. We spend Christmas Eve every year at our friends the Turtles’ house, singing Christmas carols and eating yummy food. Of course Christmas morning is Santa surprises and opening presents. We usually make a big Christmas morning breakfast including an egg casserole and cinnamon rolls. Ahhh, I love this time of year!

2. What is your go-to kickass song in your workout playlist?
Hands down, it is “My Humps” by the Black Eyed Peas. This song, as dirty as it is, is completely addictive. I can be DYING in my run, and this song comes on and I have to sing. Even if I can’t breathe. I’m sure my neighbors love hearing those lyrics coming out of my mouth as I’m stumbling, er running, around the neighborhood.

3. If you were forced to only watch one TV show or movie ever again until you die (can choose shows no longer on the air, and you can watch it again and again, but nothing else), what would it be and why? Defend your choice!
I don’t know about this one. I’m not really one to watch movies or TV shows over and over. BUT, one of my all-time favorite movies is Raising Arizona. Holly Hunter is just priceless in this movie. So many good lines that I still find myself repeating and laughing over, 15 years (?) after first seeing this movie. TV show would maybe be Star Trek, Next Generation. Even before my husband and I were officially dating, we would get together every week to watch this show. Yes, we are OLD and we are GEEKS. I think Chad was a little heartbroken when he showed the pilot episode to Cal and he was not too impressed. But we’re going to keep trying! Battlestar Gallactica (the new one, not the classic), to be a bit more current,  would give STNG a run for it’s money, though. Such an epic storyline. So complicated and intriguing. Awesome.

4. Where is your favorite vacation destination?
The best vacation destination Chad and I have had so far would have to be Amsterdam. We went as a last hoorah before we had kids. It was amazing. We biked all over the beautiful countryside. The museums were incredible. Just a perfect vacation. But one thing I really want to do with the kids is to take a trip out west. I’ve never seen the Grand Canyon and Yellowstone. I’d really like to do that with them. Don’t think we’ll be taking them to Amsterdam 🙂 But we want to go back ourselves…maybe when we are empty-nesters!

Thanks Jodi. Love ya.

Typical Thursday

October 21, 2010 at 8:01 pm

This morning I volunteered at the boys’ school, like I do every Thursday. The excitement in the air about Halloween coming up was palpable. Signs for Trunk-or-Treat were everywhere and many adults and kids (including me and mine) were sporting their spooky t-shirts. Mack’s teacher gave them “candy for breakfast.” No wonder Mack loves her so much 🙂 Even my volunteer activities took on a jack-o-lantern cast:

After volunteering, I went home for lunch. I’m going to be in charge of “Math Superstars” for Cal’s class (not sure exactly what that is, but I should find out next week), so I’ll be going back to do that at the end of the day starting next week. But Cal’s teacher didn’t need me today so I had a few hours to myself. Thursday is usually a no-exercise day for me, but it was so beautiful today and Chewie was giving me longing beagle looks, so I decided to take him for a short walk (1.5 miles). Awesome.

This afternoon was karate. My second home. On Thursdays I usually drop them off and go pick up a pizza (Tour de Pizza, of course), run it home and stick it in the oven on a delayed start, then go back and pick them up. Here’s what I found Cal doing while Mack’s class was finishing up:

Obviously, he takes as much interest in Mack’s karate as he does in Mack’s soccer. We have a lifetime supply of Archie comics thanks to Gramma. She saved most (all?) of Chad’s comic books from childhood, so they are vintage. It took Cal a while to get over the fact that he couldn’t send off for the mail-orders and contests advertised in the 30+ year old comics.

In consulting with Mack regarding this post, he wanted me to be sure to stipulate that he is NOT being beat up by a girl here. The gray shirt in the background is the awesome Mr. Baker. He is so tough on the kids, but really funny too. They all fear him (and secretly love him). Cal says when they gave him the candy the other day, Mr. Baker went really hard on him and Mack, but just plain hard on everybody else. But normally he goes really REALLY hard on everyone, so the chocolate still helped.

At the end of class they all bow out and queue up to the instructors to give them each a high-five. Then they scatter. This picture is kind of my impression of the entire karate class experience. All of these photos were taken with my phone, so not that great.

Tonight was pizza night even though Chad is home working and missing pool league. The boys and I are currently sitting on my bed watching The Biggest Loser on the DVR (we have Tivo in the great room and cable company DVR in the bedroom). I tried to get the boys to watch Survivor instead of Biggest Loser this season, but Cal especially really wanted to watch Biggest Loser. So I usually watch the first hour and live tweet during it on Tuesdays (#BL10), then we watch the whole show on Thursday nights. Well, Mack’s actually playing Nintendo DS and totally ignoring the television. He’s only interested in the challenges. Cal likes the game play.

Mack wants to type something:

I like pizza. I like karate. Karate is fun.