Workout Wednesday

September 22, 2010 at 12:51 pm

What an active morning! First, I walked the kids to school (2.2 miles). I felt like the Pied Piper of Shore Acres  this morning, collecting children along the way:

Three boys on scooters and one little girl walking. I love having the neighbors’ kids walk with us. Scooter races ensued. I was told the entire storyline of “Beverly Hills Chihuahua” by sweet A., who walked with me. Wonderful!

Chewie was in charge of keeping track of all the bookbags on the way to school:

and also all the scooters on the way home:

I am feeling a bit of cool, or at least not sweltering, air on the morning walks. It’s still supposed to be in the 90’s today, but I know fall is coming! Hurry up, please!

After coming home and eating breakfast, I went to bodypump at the gym. My BFF Val recently joined my gym and we’ve been bodypumping together (ooh, that sounded dirty…sorry Mom! 😯 ) There was a new guy, “Ricky”, teaching the class today and he was hilarious with his, “Party in the basement!” and singing along with the music.  Totally kept me smiling while I suffered.

Immediately when I got home from the gym I set out to do my last C25K training session in week one. I wrote more about that on my C25K page. I still have the 1.5 mile family walk this evening to go. I think I can have dessert tonight!

Last night on The Biggest Loser Bob Harper said, “Your Body Wants to be Healthy!” I’m not sure about that. I think my body wants to sit on the couch, watch TV,  and mainline junk food. That’s why I say I’m a fat girl in a thin girl’s body. It truly does not feel like my natural state. But I don’t want to be on blood pressure medication or diabetic (which runs in my family), so I’m constantly battling against my inner voice, which really just wants a donut and a remote control.

Yesterday on Roni’s blog I saw this awesome video:

The dude is interviewed here also. He has a blog that is linked at the bottom of the interview. What inspiration!

Biggest Loser Tuesday! #BL10

September 21, 2010 at 11:12 am

I’ve already written about what TV junkies we are in this house. One of my TV obsessions is any show (especially reality shows) related to weight loss. So I’m super-excited about the season premiere of Biggest Loser tonight. Last season the boys watched the shows with me on Tivo on Thursday nights (Chad’s pool league night), and they really got into it too. Cal was so disappointed when Sam got eliminated! I think we’re going to watch Survivor as our Thursday night Tivo show this fall, however, so I can be on twitter while Biggest Loser is actually showing.

I know that this show has been criticized for promoting unrealistic weight-loss expectations, but since I am an “expert” on weight loss, having lost 100 pounds several times myself, I get that the people on the ranch are not in a real-world situation, and their weight-loss numbers can not be easily reached by those of us who don’t have 24/7 to devote to diet and exercise. So if you are dumb enough to be disappointed in your 2 pound weight-loss because that 400 pound guy on Biggest Loser lost 25 pounds in one week, I don’t really feel for you.

Here’s one of the biggest reasons I love this show. Ah Jillian…I have the biggest girl-crush on you! I want you to kick my butt so badly! I don’t like how she plasters her image all over hokey weight-loss products, but I just sort of block all that out, because…look at her! I think all of her pop-psychology on the show is really amusing. I tried to watch her show “Losing it with Jillian”, but I just couldn’t stick with it. The most satisfying part of the show for me is the transformation, and the 6-week elapsed time on the episodes just didn’t allow for enough “wow” factor. The one season of Biggest Loser without Jillian just wasn’t the same. Her replacement, Kim, was definitely hot, but she didn’t inspire the same fear and fascination that Jillian does. Bring it on tonight Jillian!

Another weight-loss related show that I am loving right now is Too Fat for 15: Fighting Back. It’s about this year-round wellness academy, which includes academics, for overweight teens and pre-teens. One of the things I really like about it is that the academy is in the mountains of North Carolina, which is very close to where I grew up and is exactly where I went to summer camp every year. So the setting and camp-like atmosphere are so nostalgic for me. The kids are so interesting, striking in their immaturity and pain. I recently (via Facebook) realized that one of the kids spotlighted on the show is the daughter of a high-school classmate of mine. I noticed in the show’s premiere that this young girl (one of the youngest kids at the academy) had on a Tennessee High sweatshirt so I was immediately intrigued by her. I have to say kudos to my classmate, because she seems like such a smart and motivated girl (and one of the most mature, despite being the youngest).

I will be simultweeting with all the other BL-obsessed tweeps tonight. Just use hashtag #BL10. It’s so much fun, in my non-cool, 41-year-old mom opinion.