I Love TV Wednesday

September 15, 2010 at 9:35 am

OMG, if you haven’t watched Sons of Anarchy, put the first two seasons  in your Netflix queue immediately! It is soooo good. The third season just started, with Episode 2 airing last night.

It’s a Shakespearean “Hamlet” story overlaid on an outlaw motorcycle club in northern California. That’s Jax, above, played by the beautiful Charlie Hunnam (check him out again here), the son of the motorcycle club’s founder.

Gemma is Jax’s mother, played by the amazing Katey Sagal. She is my “Mom” role model (not really, Mom…you know it’s you), and my fantasy fashion icon. Kurt Sutter, Sons creator and Katey Sagal’s husband, is a genius.  And his blog and twitter feed are must-reads.

So Sons of Anarchy is our favorite show right now, but we have many favorites. Another show currently in the middle of its season that we watch is Weeds, which never fails to make us feel like great parents. Entourage and True Blood just had their season finales, which were excellent. I think this season of both shows was better than the previous and both just left us eagerly awaiting next season.  We are also eagerly awaiting the season premieres of Dexter and Eastbound and Down (the former being disturbingly compelling and the latter being just plain hilarious). We also can’t wait for Big Love to come back, but have to wait until 2011 for that.

So obviously we love HBO and Showtime original programming, and FX and TNT are giving them a real run for their money. These are the shows that Chad and I watch together (and there are others…The Closer, Terriers (new), etc.), but there are many shows that Chad has given up on or never wanted to watch in the first place that I watch while folding laundry or while he is working from home some evenings. My guilty pleasure teen dramas like The Vampire Diaries and Secret Life of the American Teenager (hanging head in shame). Any design or fashion reality/elimination type show like Project Runway or Design Star. Pretty much any show about losing weight like Biggest Loser or Thintervention. And I love Mad Men (Chad watched the first season, but then gave it to me for some idiotic reason).

We admit it…we’re TV junkies. And we’re raising the next gen of TV junkies also. I reluctantly admit to the pediatrician at every check-up that if we’re in the house and there’s no homework to be done, the TV is on. But it’s OK. I’m sure Gemma let Jax watch all the TV he wanted.