Baby Envy

September 20, 2010 at 2:13 pm

I made a joke a while ago about people seeing me walking home from school with an empty stroller and thinking I had baby envy. Well, I do. It’s all about my adorable nephew Cody. Oh, I miss his sweet baby-face.

Yesterday was Cody’s christening in Bristol and I wasn’t able to go, so I’ve been thinking about him all the time. The picture above is the first moment I met him in person, when he was one week old. He looked so much like my babies that I just couldn’t stand it! He really looked just like Cal did. I was there for a weekend, and I just about lost it when it was time for me to leave Charlotte and head back to Florida. Living so far away from our family is so hard sometimes. He was just so precious.

Babe in the Rushes

The only way I got through it was knowing that we were going to visit him again over the summer. The boys were so excited about Cody and couldn’t wait to meet him. We spent a week in Charlotte with my parents and Janet and Bob and Cody, and the boys just went nuts over him.

They just wanted to hold him and make him smile. Everytime he had a diaper change they had to race to the changing table and give a complete report on the size, color and consistency of the damage. That may have been their favorite part. Cal, especially, has big plans for when Cody is bigger and he can lead the three of them in adventures around Janet and Bob’s farm. Janet texts me photos of him all the time, and they push each other out of the way to look at the pictures.

So now he is four months old, which I think is the time when babies are the epitome of cute baby chubbiness. Here is a recent camera phone photo that Janet sent me:

Don’t you just want to die? I want to hold him and squeeze him and play peek-a-boo with him. Janet, be sure to tell him every day how many people love him, especially his Aunt Caroline. I wish I could have been there yesterday to tell him myself.

Hello Blog

August 12, 2010 at 1:20 pm

Nice to see you again. I’ve been reading alot of blogs lately, so it sort of made me want to visit my own again.

We’ve had a fun summer, but it’s coming to an end. The boys went to Boyd Hill nature camp one week, and are currently in their second week (not consecutive) of karate camp. Other than that, we have gone to the beach, the pool, the aquarium, friend’s pools…lots of fun stuff. Lots of just doing nothing, too.

We spent one week in Charlotte visiting my sister, BIL, and new little nephew Cody. He is so sweet! The boys really fell in love with him and had a great time spending lots of time with Grandma and Grandaddy.

I’m once again trying to get back on the straight and narrow with the diet and exercise thing. It’s been pretty hit and miss over the summer. But I’m back on the bandwagon now, keeping my mind set on the holidays (I want a pretty new dress for the Avineon office Xmas party in D.C.).

Today after dropping the boys off at karate camp I had to visit the eye doctor for a visual field test. My ocular pressure has always been on the high side, so I have to do all these annual tests to monitor it for pre-glaucoma. Everything was OK, but the Dr. wants me to see an glaucoma specialist to have some new high-tech baseline studies done of my optic nerve so it can be better monitored. Joy. I so hate doctor appointments of any kind. Such a time and money suck. Oh well. Have to be proactive, I guess.

Well blog, maybe I’ll visit you again soon. Maybe not. I always have to be journaling somewhere, but I’ve been keeping a secret diary on Evernote, which is easy to update from my phone. Since nobody reads this anyway…