Monday in Hilton Head

July 30, 2007 at 7:06 pm

This morning we went to the beach at the Sea Pines Beach Club (all except Grandaddy, who decided to stay in). The beach club was pretty nice…private beach access, an easily accessible parking lot, bathrooms, shower, gift shop, restaurant, etc. etc. I was the designated picture taker, charged with not getting dirty so that I could take and use the DSLR and not get any sand, dirt or water on it. I took a ton of pictures using our new polarizing filter. I’m not sure I like the results. I may take the thing back.

Anyways, the boys and Grandma and Daddy had fun jumping waves, swimming, searching for shells, building sandcastles and a model of Bristol (a lake surrounded by mountains). They even found a star fish slowly trying to move on the sand in the tide pool. The beach was not that crowded when we got there, but as the morning wore on it got more and more crowded. We left a little before noon, and that seemed like perfect timing.

We went back to the townhouse for lunch and nap. While Mack napped, Cal and Grandma worked on Cal’s summer calendar assignments for first grade. Then after nap, I dropped the boys and Grandma off at the movie theater to see Ratatoullie. While they went to the movie, I went to a local scrapbooking store called “Remember When”. It was a very small store, really with no interesting product except for a bunch of Hilton Head theme items. I bought a bunch of cute laser die cuts and 12X12 die cut and printed pages with Hilton Head themes. I also bought a mini-album kit with a Hilton Head theme. It was a nice find after all.

I ran to Publix to pick up yet a few more things then went back to the townhouse to wait until time to go pick up Grandma and the boys. I had been home just a few minutes when my cell phone rang. It was Grandma saying that Mack didn’t like the movie and that she had had to take the boys out. She said the movie was a bit scary for Mack and that she didn’t really like it either. Lots of people mad at each other and lots of negative themes. Cal didn’t seem to care too much, saying he would just see the end some other time, like when Mack was at a birthday part or something 🙂 So I just picked them up and we all came back home until dinner.

Chad made yummy baked Ziti for dinner and now we’re just hanging out until the boys’ bed time.

Sunday in Hilton Head

July 29, 2007 at 6:16 pm

We got here yesterday after enduring a late start, torrential thunderstorms, huge traffic jams and a child screaming for over an hour. Still, it didn’t seem like a bad trip. It took us about 8 hours, instead of the expected 6 1/2. Oh well.

The boys were so excited when we got here. They have a cute little bedroom with twin beds. Upon seeing it, both boys jumped on the beds and Cal said, “Our own room! Our own beds! Our own TV! Disney is on channel 43!” He found the disney channel in about 20 seconds. Both of them were totally manic.

We had dinner that Grandma made and then it was pretty much bath and bedtime for the kids. Chad and I stayed up way too late just hanging out and watching the big wide-screen TV. There was a really cool tree frog stuck to the sliding glass doors that we watched catching mosquitoes for a while. It was gorgeous and very entertaining.

The townhouse that we are renting has a really nice deck on the back, facing a huge lagoon. There is an alligator in the lagoon we have been watching swim back and forth, looking menacing. Dad is convinced we’re going to see the thing in the parking lot when we go out to the car, but he’s not used to living with gators like us Florida folks. It is sort of cool and menacing to have one right outside of our back door, however. Another interesting thing about our townhouse is that the unit right next door obviously burned very recently. It is a charred, open skeleton…no roof, no back end whatsoever. I guess this unit is lucky it didn’t burn as well.  The boys are very intrigued by the burned out building.

This morning we got up and walked to the pool. It is about a two minute walk from our unit. The pool is pretty big and there was only one other family there. It was kind of overcast and really very nice hanging out at the pool. Of course, the boys had a blast hanging on Grandma (and me) and getting totally water-logged. After swimming, we came back to the townhouse and had lunch. Then the boys napped (well, Cal pretended to nap), and Chad and I went out to explore the island in the car and go to Publix to get some more groceries.

The island is beautiful. It’s VERY green. I need to read the history of the island. Mom said she read some of it. It was planned, very obviously, from end to end. I think the whole island is like 12 miles long. It’s so natural-looking. No garrish signage of any kind, or any garrish construction either. It’s actually hard to spot houses and businesses, because the signs and buildings are so understated and natural-colored. Everything is shaded. All the streets are tree-lined and everywhere you go looks like you are driving through a nature preserve. There is actually a nature preserve adjacent to our townhouse. There are also huge horse stables, a cute lighthouse, a big playground in “Harbortown” with a ginormous tree house, beaches, etc. etc. Everyone rides bikes everywhere. It’s all very high-end, with about a million restaurants. I want to buy a condo here. Chad says he kind of misses the kitch.

This afternoon we all took the boys to play miniature golf, or “putt-putt golf” as little Mack kept saying. It was a beautiful little mini-golf place. Completely shaded and made to look like an actual golf course. Again, no “kitch.” The boys were thrilled with their putting, Chad and Mom seemed to have fun, and Dad endured it (actually, he also seemed like he was having fun). I took pictures. It was hot, but not too bad, given all the shade, a nice breeze and a bit of overcast clouds.

After bringing the boys and grands home, Chad and I went out again to get “take and bake” pizza. I’m hungry and it’s smelling good…so more later!